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Our selection of exhibitions in Paris for Winter and Spring 2023

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The reputation of the Parisian cultural offer is well established! That’s why many exhibitions, sometimes from all over the world, take their place in the largest museums of the capital. Discover the selection of our suggestion for this Autumn & Winter 2022, along other unmissable classics, enunciated just below. By AL & AP

..resulting from an ongoing dialogue with the native house.
This path of 9 interactive pieces,  a panorama of original artworks.. 

Just in front of the Samaritaine Paris, the wonderful exhibition imagined by the LVMH group, as a tribute to 160 years of creative exchanges that fuel Louis Vuitton‘s spirit of innovation. Untitled LV Dreamthis art installation invites you on an immersive artistic journey to discover the luxury house‘s historic and contemporary artistic collaborations (photo credits: AL).

From a digital portrait of Louis Vuitton himself, realized by the Chinese artist Cao Fei, to iconic travel trunks or bespoke pieces illustrating the mastery of the many skills of this centennial house, this art exhibition retraces a pioneering creative epic.



Such a colorful panel to eventually admire with numerous Vuitton‘s collaborations..

Therefore, through an intense and exhilarating journey, LV Dream explores this unchained exchange, nourished by Louis Vuitton between past and future, tradition and modernity, the city of Paris and somewhere else, know-how and innovation. Adding to this, don’t miss the large gift shop, adorned with a specific scenery, exclusively settled for LV Dream, offers a selection of small leather goods, random accessories, emblematic perfumes and also a selection of books.

At last, this sort of ephemeral museum as well hosts a café and a chocolate factory in collaboration with Maxime Frédéric, the pastry chef of the Cheval Blanc Hotel. Surrounded by tropical plants, Le Café offers to its visitors a break in a lush setting and offers an exclusive selection of pastries, playing with the emblematic house’s legendary LV patterns.


LV Dream, 26 Quai de la Mégisserie, 75001 Paris (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)9 77 40 40 77. More information on their official website.

..just in front of the Mangrove realized by Erwan Boulloud.
This golden Ciel et Terre mirror would reflect a  shining reality..

In order to launch the celebration of the 10th birthday from the Galerie Negropontes, another ten years of collaboration and complicity with the French designer Hervé Langlais are also honored in 2023. An exhibition, untitled Pièces Uniques, that brings together and, for the first time, a selection of unique pieces reunited by the artist, illustrating the seven series produced in partnership with the gallery during this decade.

On the menu, you could admire a selection of harmonious and audacious lines, made from precious materials, along a perfect formal execution. Therefore, Hervé Langlais and the curator and founder Sophie Negropontes have in common this same aesthetic sensibility, which seems in line with other typical French decorative arts, to admire until March 20th, 2023.


This salon, composed of the Orion, Saint-Germain and Overhung elements, are ready to welcome you..

Following this spirit, Hervé Langlais gave birth to creations, somehow guided by his constant quest for beauty, plus a certain sublimation of materials, undoubtedly inspired by his own architectural path. That’s why those artworks presented here until 20th March 2022, are the combination of simple and complex shapes, sometimes revealing the veining of stones (such as marble), but also the natural contrasts of precious woods, without forgetting the brilliance of brass (in an unusual design buffet) or even the depth of lacquer or even the collaboration with glass art from Perrin et Perrin.

Thus, don’t miss this Ciel et Terre mirror, the Plumage cabinet, or the Overhung console table… Ten pieces reunited to tell you about ten years of friendship and artistic adventure. A good occasion to discover the richness and diversity of the universe from Hervé Langlais.

Galerie Negropontes, 14-16 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris (France) / Phone: 00 33 (0)1 71 18 19 51. More information on their official website.

..don’t miss this imposing robot, weaving and repeating sewing.
Dancing around a sculpture, and orchestrated by a software..

Just before the Paris Fashion Week, the Galerie Templon is adorned with the ebony black and white colorful tandem imagined by the French artist Jeanne Vicerial. For her first exhibition showcased by a gallery in Paris, and visible until March 11th, 2023, this artist unveils about fifteen new textile made sculptures in various formats (photo credits: AL).

For your information, she used to be the first doctor to graduate in fashion design field, in France in 2019, before being a resident of the prestigious Villa Medicis in 2020, Jeanne Vicerial is already widely recognized for her avant-garde textile art, along an authentic and logical taste for Haute-Couture.


..may be differently admired through another angle.
One immaculate figurine, tainted with some pink accents.. 

Through her lifetime research, she brought back the codes of the textile industry, questioning the dichotomy between over-made to measure and ready-to-wear approaches. Thus, her artistic approach then focused more on the place of women‘s bodies in society, by regularly involving other creators, such as scenographers, perfumers and even musicians to her own projects.

For this singular art installation, in the new Grenier Saint-Lazare‘s antenna by Templon, the artist Jeanne Vicerial has therefore installed a silent army of silhouettes, resting in this space crystallized over time. Also deeply passionate about poetry, she gives flesh to these Armours, as a sort of disturbing warriors‘ battleships, completely covered by this black yarn. it is clear that the play of lights and shadows is clear.
What do you think about this multi-faceted sculpture, shining here..

Furthermore, at the heart of this exhibition, and from this process of creation, you could either interpret some sort of esoterism and sometimes mystery, with this sort of crypt plunged into darkness.

Before eventually reaching your visit through this real cabinet of curiosities, dedicated to so-called sex-voto. Indeed, on this pristine white pictured rails, the artist accumulates various object-offerings. Dislocated or dismembered, admire these blossoming vulvas, as small vestimentary organs or even the bellies of Venus, as deepening a random reflection around the place of gender and physiognomy, oscillating during millennia between sacralization and mistreatment.


Cosma – Symétrie, 2022

Also presented in the Galerie Templon, until March 18th, 2023, but in the original Beaubourg gallery, discover the third solo exhibition dedicated to the painter Abdelkader Benchamma. As previously unveiled to you through different articles (read here), discover this time a series of drawings, paintings and wall installations, produced during his residency at Palazzo Butera in Palermo in conjunction with the Institut Français.

During his residency, the artist adopted a new approach to a subject he has been interested in for several years, so to say the Cosmati. For your information, the singular use of marble which, fragmented in marquetry or when positioned symmetrically in Italian churches, play with our contemporary codes of representation in an uncanny manner. Nonetheless, those forms created by these mineral veins appear to be neither figurative nor abstract, but evolve instead in a mysterious place between the two.

Galerie Templon, 28 Rue du Grenier-Saint-Lazare, 75003 Paris & 30 Rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)1 85 76 55 55. More information on their official website.





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