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Let’s taste the Brittany inspiration from the chef Christian Le Squer at Le Cinq restaurant, in the Paris Four Seasons George V Palace

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Such incredible signature floral arrangements, created by Jeff Leatham..

Nested in the so-called Golden Triangle of Paris, you couldn’t miss the majestic Four Seasons George V Palace. After passing the two imposing wrought iron doors, you will surely be amazed by the charm of one of the most prestigious Parisian palaces, and undoubtedly impressed by the majesty of the place. 

Therefore, the property offers, high-end spa treatments and various restaurants proposing some Michelin-starred cuisine. Thus, the Four Seasons George V counts no less than 3 restaurants, with an amount of 5 stars in the coveted Michelin guide. Among them, Le George offers light Mediterranean cuisine with dishes to share, while L’Orangerie, is rather able to serve some traditional French cuisine with contemporary influences, below its 7-meter-high veranda, facing the hotel’s marble courtyard. Each of them own 1 star in the Michelin guide. By AL may seat in a corner or facing the Cour de Marbre.
La Galerie proposes live music with light snacks and drinks..

Inside, this luxurious structure, between private terraces with breathtaking views above the Parisian skylines, we invite you to experience at least once in your lifetime the triple Michelin stars, issued from the Le Cinq restaurant. Here, we can admit that a classic French cuisine, along lighter menus would wait for your venue in this prestigious address (photo credits: AL).

Indeed, once inside, you could easily notice that its franco-british styled configuration is all designed to look like as a royal mille-feuilles, due to the presence of many period influences. Thus, this wide dining hall features Louis XIV cabinets, Louis XVI medallion chairs adorned with gold leaves, and Regency mirrors, in carved gilded wood. This mixture of genres, all in refined opulence, is completed by elegant tableware, signed Philippe Deshoulières

..nearby the hard work of his brigade (photo credits Ilya Kaga).
Christian Le Squer taking a gourmet pose in his kitchen..

Regarding the chef Christian Le Squer, who became famous, since he started to manage Le Cinq, initiating in the same time his own social media networks, by sharing some of his best culinary moments. Native from Plouhinec in Brittany, he became a chef, after acting as a trainee baker and even an apprentice sailor from the age of 14 (photo credits : Alix Marnat).

Before navigating on this George V ship, Christian Le Squer used to be trained at different high-end establishments, such as Le Divellec, Lucas Carton, Taillevent and Le Ritz. Although, he won his first solo Michelin star in 1996, in the heart of the Café de la Paix, in front of the Opéra Garnier. Then rose a second star in 1998 and a third one in 2002, this time at the Ledoyen Pavilion, after succeeding to Hélène Darroze


..eventually advised to be served with this Puligny Montrachet.
This dinner can be welcomed with this Parmeggiano waffle..

Supported by a wide wine selection, based on a cellar counting more than 50,000 bottles, composed by Eric Beaumard, director of Le Cinq and as well World vice-champion of Sommellerie in 1998, let you bewitched by this fine and surprising menu, unveiling a facet from French high-gastronomy.

Thereafter, once rewarded by a third Michelin star in 2016, less than a year and a half after his arrival at Le Cinq, the chef Christian Le Squer decided to be surround himself by a talented team, with the same affinities. Then, a real carte blanche was attributed to him to express his marine inspiration, through his culinary art.


..or this veal sweetbreads au gratin, with its herbs juice.
Don’t miss this shelled spider crab, drowned in emulsion..

That’s why, you couldn’t be surprised to figure out that his signature dishes are mostly related to seafood, such as stiff langoustine from his homeland Brittany, along shelled spider crab or grilled turbot.

In fact, depending on the season, an authentic Terra e Mare alloy is proposed with this Parisian onion gratin, or this piece of turbot meunière and its maceration of black truffle and Jerusalem artichoke, unless you prefer lobster cooked with amaretto pistachio with crispy bomba and paella rice. Unless you prefer langoustines, scallops or even smoked salmons, that can be sometimes associated with noble condiments, such as black truffles or caviar, but also typical Brittany ingredients, like cabbage and even algae.


..facing this row of sweet and inspired mignardises.
In a neighbor table, a special mille-feuilles cake is getting prepared..

Adding to this, you couldn’t leave Le Cinq, without having tasted the huge variety of premium cheeses, to be served from a mobile trolley.

At last, a sweet touch waits for you with a series of entremets, embodied with verbena variation and several mignardises, followed by the emblematic and aerial dairy frosted dessert with yeast flavor, unless you prefer candied and raw grapefruit crunch, . At the end of the service, you may have the privilege to get offered a selection from homemade candies, such as marshmallows and other types of chocolates, prepared by the pastry team from this surprising Le Cinq restaurant.


Le Cinq, 31 Avenue George V, 75008 Paris (France) / Phone : 00 33 (0)1 49 52 71 54. More information on their official website.





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