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Be ready for the 2024 Dragon New Year, with a limited edition VSOP Cognac imagined by ABK6

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The ABK6‘s vineyards benefit from the unique terroir of Grande Champagne, deeply characterized by limestone soil and ideal exposure..

Following our previous topics about the ABK6 Cognac house (read here), member the Vignobles & Signatures wine family group, we give you here oriental news about them. Thus, beyond already being renowned for their commitment to quality and craftsmanship, ABK6, founded by the Abécassis family, proposes a new immersion into artistic bottles. Indeed, this young Cognac house, located in the Grande Champagne region, premier cru of the Cognac appellation, has already collaborated with artists at the occasion of limited-edition cuvées, such as Julien Drevelle. This time, ABK6 wishes to celebrate the Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, in order to mark the start of the Chinese lunar calendar and more precisely, symbolizing the entry into the Year of the Dragon. This millennial festivity is characterized by ancestral rituals, colorful parades, dazzling fireworks and an abundance of traditional foods and drinks, convivially shared by family and friends. Ideal to share a well-dressed Cognac nectar, whose importance doesn’t need anymore to be proven in Asia. By AL the dial turns to Dragon, already pictured in many engravings
Christian Dior recently inaugurated its Zodiac Carousel in New York..  

Starting on February, 10th 2024, the Year of the Wood Dragon, as part of the 60-year cycle of animals and elements in the Chinese zodiac, promises to bring a certain positive energy, able to stimulate some vibrant creativity, innovation and growth, embodied by meaningful festivities across the World.

For instance, Dragon is a zodiac sign, mostly associated with wisdom, strength and prosperity, whose qualities set around courage, charisma and leadership, tainted with the wood element which are flexibility, generosity and cooperation


..this unmissable Dragon Chinese New Year.
Don’t miss the upcoming street animations, to celebrate..

Based on this statement, the Year of the Wood Dragon 2024 is supposed to be a year of great potential and prosperity for the World. The Wood Dragon also fosters harmony, balance and peace in nature and in society.

The genesis of ABK6 Cognac also pursues a certain family tradition, dating back several generations, where the Abécassis family used to cultivate its own vines. They developed a passion for producing premium Cognac, standing out for its innovative approach and attention to detail, from the vine to the bottle (photo credits: CGTN). highlight this memorable Cognac into a collector artwork.
The artists Qiaolong Huang and Bingna Xu have paid many efforts..

In this new year 2024, ABK6 Cognac unveils a unique VSOP, designed in the colors of the Year of the Dragon. For this occasion, Francis Abécassis and Cellar Master Fréderic David have specially made a selection of specific eaux-de-vie, either acclaimed for their aromatic richness and which aged in the oldest barrels of the estate. A very distinct juice to discover, loyal to its origins and the typicality of its terroir, a single estate Cognac of excellence.

The bottle for this special edition was created in collaboration with Chinese artists Qiaolong Huang and Bingna Xu, exclusively for the Year of the Dragon (photo credits: ABK6).


..preserved in an elegant Chinese relief box, made of carton.
The Ugni Blanc grape variety is still part of this poetic project..

This 700ml limited edition ABK6 Cognac Special Dragon Edition offers a golden color, displaying a beautiful aromatic richness. Perfect to celebrate this New Year moment in good conditions, with this balanced combination of fruity and woody aromas, hazelnut and walnut.

Therefore, be ready to appreciate this bouquet of woody, spicy, cinnamon, orange peel and dried figs notes. An exclusive elixir, available within an exclusive case and limited to 7000 copies worldwide, from France, on the selected partners present in 15 countries, and of course online. Recommended price: 68 euros.

More information on their official website.





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