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When esthetic surgery meets art… Alexis Delobaux and The Body Contouring Academy host “Les Gueules Cassées” ceramics exhibition by Jean Delobaux

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In contact with the eminent international experts in reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery, doctor Alexis Delobaux has refined his skills in the art of sculpting natural curves and redefining some human body contours..

The Body Contouring Academy esthetic medicine institute introduces an attractive exhibition about ceramics, named Les Gueules Cassées, the time of an innovative event, uniting art and cosmetic surgery in a prestigious Parisian location.

A good occasion to discover the esthetic artworks of the artist Jean Delobaux, before eventually following a training session at The Body Contouring Academy, in total immersion with international experts in cosmetic surgery. Founded by doctor Alexis Delobaux, The Body Contouring Academy is the very first immersive multi-expert training, bringing together 9 international experts specializing in silhouette surgery. The goal is to train surgeons, from all over the World, in innovative silhouette surgery techniques, by offering total immersion with homolog experts in their field. This structure reunited his team the time of a plural event in Paris, last May 2024, at Salons Hoche, where sciences melt with art. By AL




..or imperfections, gradually contributing to their repair and aesthetic restoration.
Facial plastic surgery has become an essential specialty for the treatment of facial injuries.. 

From a young age, doctor Alexis Delobaux had the opportunity to observe his father, Jean Delobaux, sculpting artworks of all types, including a collection of exclusive ceramics entitled Les Gueules Cassées, directly inspired and made for the centenary of the First World War (photo credits: AL).

For your information, these creations provide a contemporary look regarding those survivors from the First World War. Indeed, these Gueules Cassées have often lost their social identity due to their disfigurement, their lives having been deeply affected. These after-effects have thus marked the advent of modern plastic surgery. Their multiple injuries included several wounds, maxillofacial fractures and unfortunately also other after-effects. This is how doctor Alexis Delobaux was inspired to sublimate bodies, notably through liposculpture in cosmetic surgery

..that occurred in 2018, on the occasion of the centenary of the First World War.
The artist already enjoyed great critical success, during his previous presentation..  

Therefore, doctor Alexis Delobaux innovated in this field, thanks to his own expertise, while teaching and training other doctors. Indeed, following in the footsteps of his artist father, this doctor pays much effort to work on repairing wounds, essentially related to imperfections of life, and therefore to give a voice to the random body‘s sufferings.

On this occasion, the sculptor Jean Delobaux continues his work initiated during his previous exhibition, presenting ceramics in Lille, which was also entitled “Les Gueules Cassées”. 6 years later, a new exhibition was therefore held in the classy Salons Hoche, where the artist Jean Delobaux came to present his 30 new artworks

Those masterpieces punctuate this exhibition, capturing the light and nestling in alcoves, forming a terrifying alley, while generating a true memory reflection. a testimony to the achievement that distinguishes the Jean Delobaux‘s universe.
This visual artist also melted bodies, creating sorts of bas-reliefs on a ceramics style..

For instance, the doctor Delobaux was the first in Europe to use certain modern body contouring surgery techniques, such as the revolutionary U-Graft technique. Adding to this, he invented the first instrument in body contouring surgery to sculpt the natural shadows of muscle reliefs, as well known as the Sculptor.

Since his earliest childhood, steeped in the art of sculpture, the doctor Delobaux has enriched his surgical techniques thanks to family artistic qualities, thus developing a keen sensitivity to ideal shapes and proportions, adapted to each anatomy. A good connection with the devotion of his father ceramist, who created no less than 47 unique ceramics heads, fired at a thousand degrees.  


More details on the official website of Jean Delobaux and the official website of The Body Contouring Academy.

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