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Cannabis flavored sparkling wine from french firm Rozoy Picot is getting through

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The fresh french brand Rozoy & Picot, initiated by Clément Rozoy, was born in Montpellier, from the desire to offer a sparkling wine of different and unique luxury. All started from the passion of a champagne lover wish to bring a strong novelty to this market that remains despite the many years, quite traditional.

With this in mind, he decides to move away from his initial idea and invent a wine until then nonexistent to bring an air of novelty in the sparkling wine industry. He will spend several years trying to combine the finesse of a white-white Chardonnay and the aromas of cannabis.

Any psychoactive substance is removed (THC and CBD) so to leave only room for the aromas of the plant. Rozoy-Picot offers you a product in total agreement with the French legislation and therefore consumable in any accredited place to distribute alcohol.

This is in 2016, after hundreds of tests, a winemaking process of more than four years and a unique patented method, that he creates the company Rozoy & Picot and becomes the first brand to offer a sparkling cannabis-flavored wine in the world (photo credits: RP).

Thus, the brand develops two distinct products and bottles:
– The OG Kush range: festive, refined and delicate
– The Amnesia CoreCut range: festive and bold
To enhance his products, Mr Rozoy uses the NooN-collective design agency to create the identity of your brand and dress your product with an innovative packaging developed in collaboration with EOS innovation.
From its launch Rozoy & Picot stands out and artists such as Rihanna, 2-Chainz, Wiz Khalifa or Action Bronson were interested. A collaboration with the legendary Wu Tang rap band is currently in development (photo credits: RP).

Rozoy-Picot is not just a marketing phenomenon. The drink is approved by the best champagne oenologists such as the French oenologist Yannick Collet and the big tables of the restoration see new associations of flavors. Finally, we are learning this year that large groups such as Constellation Brand (Corona Group and Svedka), Molson Coors (Canada’s beer leader) and other invest billions in research and development of cannabis drink.


This original product would be available at the new concept store Nous Paris. The development of the brand in France and internationally is the challenge of this year 2019.



For more information, discover the official Rozoy-Picot website.

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