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The Hôtel Fauchon welcomes you in its gourmet universe, in front of the Madeleine Church

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Le Grand Café Fauchon and its vegetation…

As a first worldwide destination, Paris constantly reinvents itself in order to stay a first choice spot. Thanks to the activism of many hospitality players, visitors would find the inspiration to experiment new touristic opportunities. The legendary delicatessen and catering Fauchon House takes the chance to pursue its ambitions with the opening of its first 5 star Hotel Fauchon, in the deep center of Paris, last September 2018. This project is the beginning of many others in this hospitality domain, since the company plans to extend this growing series of Fauchon Hotel collection in countries where its stores are already established. The next one on the list would for example be in Kyoto, Japan, next summer 2020. By AP

In a typical Haussmann building, formerly owned by the crystalline Baccarat tribe, reigns a new era made of gastronomy and a certain French art-de-vivre (lifestyle), made in Fauchon. Member of the prestigious Leading Hotels of the World collection and developed in cooperation with Esprit de France, Fauchon l’Hôtel proposes a set of 54 pretty large rooms and suites, between 25 sqm and 75 sqm.

Two separate entries rub shoulders. The Grand Café Fauchon is located in the corner of Boulevard Malesherbes and its terrace, preserved from the street by vegetated windows, faces the prominent Madeleine Church. This establishment represents the culinary showcase of Fauchon‘s savoir-faire (know-how) and remains open throughout the day, from 7 am. The last service runs from 7pm to 10.30pm but the rumor tells that plenty of guests may extend their dinner beyond midnight.

This space with the front of a rose so clean to the centenary of the Fauchon House, is served through a menu kindly imagined by the executive Chef Frédéric Claudel, often updated with the seasons and the mood of the moment (Alex Plato).

Simply red coloration…









..following the fish of the day for diner.
The pastry mobile tray..

Moreover, in these places conducive to gourmet temptations, will be held a variety of events that will delight the loyal customers and eager for new sensations.

Also don’t miss the Bisou Bisou Week, occurring on September weeks and paying tribute to the eternal Bisou-Bisou, a best-selling pastry (and exclusive to the Hotel). Its shape of a fleshy lips, garnished with a minty mousse and covered by berries cream. This iconic dessert would be proposed on a mobile tray, by a server among other sweet festivities. This presentation, all in sweet sensations, will certainly prove more convincing than an etymological description. Then, this dessert section holds pastries creations of the Chef Pâtissier François Daubinet. This selection completes the full shelves of the Fauchon Boutique located close to there.

The winter garden
The restaurant hall

As the menu changes every two months on average, an evening called Menu des Chefs will inaugurate the new cycle. All accompanied by monthly tasting dinners highlighting great wines.

So far, however, the young history of the restaurant has hosted some relatively prestigious tasting sessions including Château Perrin and soon Château Boucassé would be on display on September 26th.

Your lunch or diner, and even breakfast, could be served in, the vegetal and glass protected, Fauchon terrace, located and offering an incredible view on the Madeleine Church, where many main historical events happened inside and around this religious edifice. By the way, during your stay either in the Grand Café or the Hotel, you wouldn’t be surprised to be welcomed by the establishment director Jérôme Montanteme, He would glad to share his experience and good advises for a great parisian journey or much further, since he was earlier in the French Riviera.

One of the many ground floor artworks
Your table keeps ready…

In case you would feel more comfortable inside, you may find a seat in the restaurant hall creating interactions through its benches or maybe choose the Jardin des Thés (Tea Garden), adorned by François Mascarello through this glittering canopy, would fulfill your need of rest and sparkling time.

The Fauchon Chef Sébastien Monceaux has imagined a menu that proposes the main spots of the French cuisine starring many great classics. Those dishes are supervised by the Executive Chef Frédéric Claudel, cooking products from French regions, like smoked French salmon, risotto, octopus carpaccio and its clams, frog legs, revered rice, horseradish foam, as well as a selection of specific hams from all Europe.

Furthermore, before sitting down for dinner, guests may take the time to enjoy the Glam’hours, still at the Grand Café Fauchon. A unique moment with cocktails and mocktails, maintaining the colorful and tasty Fauchon touch.

One part of the facade moldings
Enjoying the library


The hotel facade still by night
The sunny reception hall








The independent but communicating entrance to the Hotel Fauchon is accessible from the Boulevard Malesherbes, opposite to an endless Velib bike rental station and the Tesla automobile concession store.

You will surely be seduced by the contemporary character of the interior layout.

Although opened in 2018, after heavy renovations to preserve the soul of this Haussmann building, the hotel retains an authentic charm from the XIXth Century, thanks to the action of the Monuments Historiques.

You can attest to this during your check-in in the library so intimate, adjacent to the reception. You will be welcomed in all peace of mind this living room wall sconces in gradient of purple, signed by the sculptor Aristide Najean, who learned his art technics with the Murano glass-masters.

Two sides of the library…
…where you would softly make your check-in








Design led ceiling lights…
…face the more traditional crystals



A touch of atmosphere, probably a nod to the history of the place is now overgrown with macaroons scattered here and there, under a glass bell.

This colorful colony aimed immediately to recall the flagship specialty of the house to customers, who will be greeted by a cocktail (without alcohol) based on another emblematic Fauchon product, namely tea!

This particular customer experience contrasts sharply with the traditional habits in the reception front desk, while usually standing.

This friendly time with some of the hotel staff would be an opportunity to present you the different modalities and possibilities offered during your stay, before being personally guided to your room.

The colorful corridor carpet
One view of the double room

Once you go upstairs, a typical Fauchon universe is offered to you, thanks to a carpet in the colors of the brand, dressing the corridors.

In the rooms, this spirit is prolonged thanks to the elements of decoration which relatives of rose and light your place of stay.

Thus we find the color code gravitating around this chromatic tone and deviating towards more purple or carmine nuances.

Colors that are found everywhere, whether on the patchwork rug, the shelf displaying the TV and fashion books, the two pink swivel chairs, to enjoy your favorite TV programs.

Inside your Fauchon cupboard
The musical duplex in the rooftop








…with tea service and its macarons
A big flat screen connected to you…



All while sipping tea among the Fauchon tea selection, or one of the drinks offered in the bar, namely Fauchon champagne of course, and a selection of spirits.

This wardrobe, always wearing the pink Fauchon tones, was developed especially by Roche Bobois especially for the Hotel and found in every room.

It also contains the necessary dishes for room service and on the upper part, a range of biscuits and tapenade still Fauchon stamped, and offered at discretion to customers. We find here madeleines, biscuits.

Your nearest facilities
The smooth wood flooring

The atmosphere of this listed building is preserved, assuming the respect of the original facade, its moldings and if possible its floor when it can be saved, which was the case.

In addition, the tradition of the edifice perfectly matches the contemporary tone of the furniture, whose bed and lighting fixture are arranged and associated with a sense of detail well harmonious.

Not to mention the contemporary touch, materialized by digital equipment including a Bluetooth speaker that emits a power of decibels that will not alter the tranquility of your neighborhood, because of the quality of the new sound isolation.

An other sign of the Fauchon House engagement into the XXIst Century!

The first stair of the rock duplex
View from the mezzanine








Phil Collins would be so glad there
The multi-function tablet homepage



Then the centerpiece would probably be the multi-task tablet to access all the services of the hotel including the connection to his account Spotify, Netflix and their retransmission on the big flat screen!

In addition, the flavors of the Grand Café Fauchon menu are indicated, the room service, with even the possibility to be delivered Fauchon pastries available at anytime in your room!

In addition to this digital platform are detailed treatments offered at the SPA, excursion and exit services in Paris, including limousine services or a visit to the Gibson showroom in République area.

A breathtaking view on the Eiffel Tower…
…and the Parisian roofs from the last stairs








…a real taste of Haussmann edifices
Two sides from your balcony…

Indeed, the Hotel Fauchon has signed a partnership with the legendary firm of Gibson guitars (producing Les Paul), for the decoration of its two duplexes, with a view on Eiffel Tower and La Défense, of a universe specific to the musical brand including guitars, a turntable and his vintage records.

This surprising installation on the mezzanine will not fail to invite you to enjoy long musical evenings, lying on the pink sofas!

Energy savings also come with the air conditioning that turns off when you decide to open the windows to enjoy the small balcony, present in most of the rooms.

In addition, music lovers will enjoy the music playlist concocted by the sound designer Malik Alary. This one is not limited to ambient music but ventures towards numerous rarities, carefully and abundantly selected by this sound illustrator.

There are actually enough tunes on the list so that you do not hear the same song during your stay, which seems rather rare in a public space.

The pink scenery inside your room shelves…
Holds many surprises, like this hairdryer box




…and the magnifying mirror for more precision
The SPA Carita toiletries inside the large shower cabin…















The separate bathroom allows plenty of seating and features to add beauty to any challenge.

In terms of equipment, a magnifying and illuminating mirror, SPA Carita cosmetics brand (present in the basement), a Dyson hair dryer, worn with the Fauchon bright colors.
In addition, a shower or bath is available at your convenience, just ask for it upstream.

A SPA area in the basement…
…very engaging and intimate









…near the marble shower
The hammam open to the guests.

In partnership with Maison Carita, the Fauchon SPA is an intimate place where you could enjoy much of their combined expertise in terms of beauty and fitness reunited. Thus, are registered on the menu, different types of care: massages, facials, body care, manicure, pedicure, hairstyle, make-up…

Two treatment cabins, a hammam endued within the Fauchon House’s colors, that we had enumerated earlier… and a high-tech gym room. Those facilities remain available to the Hotel guests but also to external public, looking for a different Fauchon experience.

The Beauty Spa Carita open its doors every day from 11h to 19h, including the hammam and nearby shower, on free access during this time slot. This turkish bath may be privatized on request.

All the gym equipment you need…
…to burn your calories









Viennoiseries and Fauchon jams
A tricolor latte macchiato 


For your desires of morning restoration, nothing more simple…

Three different breakfast formulas are served directly at your table, in the dining room or outside, in the terrace, from 7am to 10.30am.

This table service makes a different feeling, comparing to other establishments that privilege the self-service at buffet.

The main brunch menu (39 euros for the Fauchon formula, included for the Hotel guests) includes a selection of breads, viennoiseries (pastries) to garnish if you wish, among the tray of homemade jams which we find currant, apricot, orange, honey and a very convincing cocoa hazelnut hazelnut paste!

Your breakfast with ham, cheese & champagne!
The inimitable pain-perdu with caramel coulis








Moreover, are proposed pancakes, waffles, salmon and fine cheese.

More liquid, a juice (detox or pressed) served at the table, a coffee, an egg or omelet with its garnish and possibly its assortment of cold meats, salmon and fine cheeses, a glass of champagne for the most sparkling of you, the pain perdu (French toast) and its caramel coulis worth the detour. For those wishing to prolong their sleep, a continental breakfast may be served directly in your room until 12:30.

Hotel Fauchon
11 Place de la Madeleine 75008 Paris, France / Tel: 00 33 (0)1 87 86 28 00

More information and booking on the Official site

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