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At Polette or Silmo, when Optics takes an air of Art

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It looks as if Art could also decline in other spheres than those we could usually think about. Optics is one of them and uses its multiple actors to refine their manufacturing techniques. Some are modernizing via the emergence of 3D printing and the enthusiasm of buyers for models at the forefront of fashion, which evolves very quickly like Art, even single pieces. The boldness of more and more forms and materials used transform these tools of visual aid into true works of art, reflecting a certain culture (cover photo by Martin Parr). By Alex Plato

The glasses sector is an excellent example of huge transition, since it tends to combine the useful and a certain aestheticism. This involves an incursion especially in other artistic fields; including fashion, painting, sculpture or even music. The shortcut or inspiration for an artistic movement is developing as stylists create their creations, aiming to come closer and closer to the expectations of a market that is ever more inclined to adapt its consumption habits to the expression of a part of their personality.

In this way, we are returning to the perception of optics as a true object of Art that will be able to express itself by the increasing influx of the exposure of their users on social networks. And this to the detriment of the functional object, without rallying cultural or cult (if we can talk about Art as a religion in some cases), to which we can still link to the optics branch.


One of the newcomers to the market, the French firm polette, founded in 2011 by two aficionados Pierre Wizman and Pauline Cousseau have decided to ride this trend (photo credits: Alex Plato and polette). Indeed, this start-up inquired to take up an ambitious challenge to propose frames designed by home creators, with just one flow depending on many fashion parameters, like this winter mask model dedicated for the ski resorts (pictured above).

This implies a regular renewal of their glasses range with almost weekly arrivals both on the online store as well as in one of the several showrooms in France and Benelux including new ones that would open soon in and around in Europe. Although the e-business is still prominent, there is a real growing demand on face-to-face human relations! Somehow easier to try the frames and find your own style, thanks to a salesperson’s helpful tips!

These places tend to stay in phase with the digital revolution that the optical market is experiencing, since they are consulting centers allowing visitors to evaluate their correction on the spot and then to carry out physics tests before a possible subsequent online purchase.

In addition, many of the polette showrooms also serve as reception halls where real fashion shows are held; thus highlighting the latest optic creations, like the late collections in the air…

A typical creation of polette that tends to reach the standards of fashion, the Stark model mixing the aviator shape with some oval aspects. Encircled by gold metal, and adorned with olive acetate partially glossy, embellished with engraved details. Moreover, while surfing online, you would find many other cutomizable optic surprises!

A flexibility allowed by the absence of intermediaries, thanks to a home mastering of the raw material supply chain, thus allowing a very attractive price adapted to a clientele, very focused on the proliferation of fashion accessories’ ownership, maybe also equipped with glasses correctors from € 14.98.

With the aim of sticking closely to the affinities of everyone on vintage, classic, modern or even more eccentric models with postmodern design, the brand works with materials, from acetate to wood, to reinforced plastic, titanium and more donning these accessories of style or real artworks, according to each one’s perception.

For instance, lately a good opportunity to admire the Masai population’s perceptions about their new colorful creations, through a local film shooting (visible below). Thus, polette is always in looking for new experiences and new connections!

Frames coming directly from factories (in China) for prices between € 4.99 and € 49.99 and also glasses (with a large choice of colors to go further in personalization), including treatments, between € 9.99 and 99.99 €.

In order to get some complementary information about the company’s new wishes, we ask some questions to Alice, the home press agent who travels a lot for the brand’s promotion!

– We notice a certain change in the style of polette for this summer collection, would you tell us more about it?
This season, we dare! Our designers offer you a variety of sunglasses you’ve probably never seen before. Mini, XXL, crazy, colored glasses will stand you out from the crowd, like one of the brand’s muses, the belgian rapper Elvis Romeo.
You may observe some of those examples in the polette photos below: Alonso – Diamante – Cassius – Fickle – Eton – Misty Black.S – Kourtney 
– What are the main trends of those times? And the message you would like to send?
Our time is for personalization ! Nowadays, everyone wants to wear clothes, bags or glasses that really look like them. With polette, you may transform your glasses into sunglasses and create your own. Transform any frame into solar by choosing from a rainbow of colors, offering UV400 protection.
– Why did you follow this way?
By eliminating all intermediaries between our factories and our consumers, polette has revolutionized the optical market. Daring, being innovative, different, breaking the codes, that is part of our DNA and concept
– Would polette stay in the low cost market or also plan develop a luxury range in the mean time ? 
polette is for everyone, so our prices will remain affordable and the lowest on the market, that’s why you may find frame + lenses from € 14.98.
– Any other fresh news about the collection?
Take a look at our weekly news to find out! As well in the new Toulouse showroom (40 rue d’Alsace Lorraine, 31000 Toulouse) and in Nantes (1 rue du Moulin, 44000 Nantes).

ShowRoom Paris, 91 Rue Rivoli, 75001 Paris.

For those who would like to enrich their optical culture and discover new fields of inspiration, the annual rendez-vous of the SILMO fair, located in Paris among other global cities, is within this quest.
The next event of this show devoted to international eyewear, conventional or not, will be held, straight from the website agenda (photo credits: SILMO).

This real museum of Optics is a meeting place for the various actors of the sector.
The most luxurious or the most exotic, an authentic journey through a universe, dedicated to shapes and colors, more daring. Space comes in multiple features to facilitate the visit.

Thus, the SILMO M@TCH application facilitates meetings, connections, exchanges, discoveries and increase business opportunities. The SILMO ACADEMY offers new skills through training programs to stay in step with scientific advances in the field of vision. The annual SILMO D’OR award recognizes the talent and know-how of an entire industry and is expected every year.

Recently developed, the SILMO NEXT brings together everything related to foresight, innovation and trends; it has been conceived as a “think tank” intended to help visitors and exhibitors to anticipate changes on the move and to project themselves into the future of optical-eyewear branch.
Note the declination of the event in other world places throughout the year, SILMO Istanbul, SILMO Bangkok and SILMO Sydney. Thus, the SILMO M@TCH application facilitates meetings, connections, exchanges, discoveries and increase business opportunities.

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