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Refresh your Spring with Lilas Blanc cosmetics, and naturally dye your hair with Les Couleurs De Jeanne

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It’s Spring time, so let’s get to know some of the Nature Et Stratégie beauty brands, a French entity based in Loire Valley. Among a bunch of several distinct organic entities, we may surely find your happiness and some new projects, like the renovated Lilas Blanc range. This benefits from patented innovations, involving the power of plants, such as white lilac and the softness of oat. From whom, the native water is extracted from the cells, for more hydration. Pursuing this vegetal quest, you would get also the opportunity the group’s hygiene Jardin d’Apothicaire range.

In an other hand, Les Couleurs de Jeanne offers a hair dye selection composed of 100% natural coloring plants, for an organic haircare certified range. Those chromatic vegetal products propose 12 shades from light blonde to brown hair and a 100% neutral henna treatment. Make on your own your solution and eventually mix the pigmentations between each other, since the product is a powder. On last point, thanks to an interview with the manager Samuel Gabory, we learn more about his brand vision of this organic oriented adventure, certified by the Cosmébio label, paying attention to organic cosmetics structures. By Alex Plato

Get bewitched by the natural universe from Lilas Blanc, discovering the incredible benefits of French white lilac, mixed with native oat water taken from the very heart of plant cells. Thanks to its simple protocol, combining essential and natural active ingredients, the Lilas Blanc range is able to naturally sublimate anyone’s skin, even the most fragile, notably if they’re aged from 30 years old and much more! For your information, this native water is a rich invigorating source, constitutive of the plants, and whose extraction guarantees its natural value, a prerequisite for its cosmetic purpose (photo credits: Nature Et Stratégie).
This fluid molecula lives in the heart of the plant‘s cells, then it’s extracted with slowness and delicacy, in order to preserve of its precious essential nutrients, so called this pure native water. As far as we know, its active benefits, particularly close to your physiological fluids, immediately fall in osmosis with the skin cells, where their natural properties may be thereafter diffused.
The result? A range formulated by experts, based on multi-functional products and materialized by a simple 5-step anti-aging protocol. Revealing and developing caressing textures, fulfilled with subtle and natural scents. Those expressing a certain sensuality flower of skin, Lilas Blanc delicately distills its bubbles of happiness and intoxicates your inner senses, thanks to a range of organic and French certified skincare. In the other hand, Lilas Blanc reveals being a sensory experience and a unique expertise for anti-aging, even since the first arising aging warning signs. From the first uses, the skin seems to be deeply impregnated for a better hydration, then it may regain suppleness, radiance and reveals a real clearness, if time permits. 
Thus, inspired by the endless power of plants, Lilas Blanc has developed an organic selection of assets, tending to remain at the forefront of the latest skincare and bodycare innovation. For instance, their formulas are adapted without mineral water, to different skins, according to your own expectations, needs and the environment. Moreover, they have been enriched with precious natural active ingredients, so that you could maintain your skin health and youthfulness, while still providing a wonderful feeling of sensorial well-being.
At the heart of the formulas of the range, acts as a booster, due to its composition, full of many positive assets, such as polyphenols, plus vitamins C and E. Indeed, each of those routine products tend to be dosed as precisely as possible, in order to effectively meet the problematics concerning all skins types (photo credits: Oat Water).
The other major active part from this multiple steps protocol, is the native oat water. Captured by condensation, this oat water is collected in an airtight oven, then would eventually and gradually dry out, under the influence of the temperature. This slow maturation is operated in a room temperature, in order to produce a quality native oat water, avoiding any vegetal deterioration, for a preservation of the inner trace elements and minerals.
Moreover, this technics doesn’t contain any heavy metals, nor pesticides or impurities issued from the heart of the vegetal cells, here sought especially for its particular sweetness and affinity with fragile skin, allowing a better assimilation. Furthermore, as a source of ceramides and essential fat acids, the native oat water has been chosen to optimize the Lilas Blanc skincare. Indeed, this combined resource provides the necessary to the restoration elements, of the skin protective film. That’s why, it is used here to protect even the most fragile, dry and mature skin.

Thereafter, we guide you through the 5 Lilas Blanc facial cares.

Regarding the cleansing stage 1 of the Lilas Blanc protocol, the Fluide Natif Démaquillant would help you to remove your make-up, thanks to its unique and melting texture, combining the freshness of gel, the smoothness of oil and the sweetness of milk. Therefore, your face and eyes are clearly cleansed, without leaving any greasy film. Capacity: 200 ml / Recommended price: 17,60 €.

Regarding the toning and regenerative stage 2, the Lotion Native Régénérante completes the make-up removal and prepares the skin for future care. This lotion would eventually contribute to tone and regenerate your skin, and turn it into smoother, hydrated and radiant output, while boosting cell renewal. Capacity: 200 ml / Recommended price: 17,60 €.

Regarding the scrubbing stage 3, the Masque Natif Exfoliant tends to eliminate dead cells and refine your skin texture, without any exfoliating grain. Indeed, a combination of active marine ingredients and other features derived from sugar allow to smoothen and soften your devitalized skin. Capacity: 50 ml / Recommended price: 15,60 €.

Regarding the protective and regenerative stage 4, the Concentré Natif Revitalisant Anti-Âge is perfectly suited for mature skins. Indeed, this solution proposes an original combination of seaweed extract, marshmallow root and licorice, with the promise to revitalize your skin and eventually correct the uprising signs of aging, while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The complexion is more even and luminous. The skin regains its elasticity, it is more plump and intensely nourished. Capacity: 28 ml / Recommended price: 29,10 €.

Regarding the hydrating stage 5, the Crème Native Légère is adapted to sensitive skin and still formulated with a combination of plant-based active ingredients. This creamy treatment hydrates and protects your skin from the daily external aggressions, when it may probably become more and more dull, uncomfortable and tired. Its light texture leaves a velvety result on the skin. Capacity: 50 ml / Recommended price: 30,50 €.

More information on the official website and explore their selection on the online store

Created and made since 2019 still in Somloire, in the sunny Anjou region, Jardin d’Apothicaire proposes certified organic personal hygiene products, for the whole family. A selection for body care issued on vegetal bases, inspired by the ancestral apothecary know-how. They were illustrious as being the authentic natural ancestor of our actual pharmacists, just with different methods, mostly relying on their garden, full of plants with beneficial virtues (photo credits: Nature Et Stratégie).

Nowadays, those pleasant Jardin d’Apothicaire products were inspired by this thousand-year-old tradition, in order to offer a selection of virtuous herbal solutions, which would undoubtedly satisfy your need for nature, through their sweet fragrances and textures. Moreover, the manufacture is committed along the PETA advocacy association for the defense of animals, since their green products are logically cruelty free and vegan. Below, you may find some vegetal features through this wide selection, made with more than 95% of ingredients from natural origin.


Thanks to the organic escholtzia benefits, the balance of your skin would be respected and you would enjoy a relaxing moment with the Gel Douche Relaxant. Your hair could also find again its flexibility and shine, with the Shampooing Nutrition, due this time to the restructuring properties of organic camellia. Your intimate hygiene is not missed, since a neutral and hypoallergenic Gel Hygiène Intime Douceur, made of calendula would fulfill your soothing needs. Regarding the toothpaste, Jardin d’Apothicaire opted for organic mint, alongside its refreshing properties.

More information on the official website and explore their selection on the online store.

 Following our vegetal tour, we try to dye our hair with Les Couleurs de Jeanne, that offers a full range (of again) certified organic coloring range of natural hair care. Thus, you would surely amazed to choose your new taint, among this vegetal colorful range of 12 shades, starting from light blonde to brown, plus an alternative neutral henna treatment (photo credits: Nature Et Stratégie).
The team has paid many efforts on unique formulas, highlighting the natural coloring properties of rigorously selected plants. Indeed, those reserve many surprises for your hair care, without any PPD (paraphenylenediamine), nor metal salts, synthetic dyes, preservatives or any other added fragrance.
That’s why, the texture of Les Couleurs de Jeanne products are only made from plants, and their powder are precisely dosed, even allowing to better manage your own solution and eventually mix the pigmentations between each other. Indeed, this coloring powder is ideal for different chromatic compositions but also covering gray hair, and even enhancing your natural color! The operation requires between 30 minutes and 1h30 of your precious, according to the coloration.  
Concerning those coloring powders, Les Couleurs de Jeanne sourced a Fair For Life certification, which promotes a specific fair trade approach, in order support any kinds of socio-economically disadvantaged producers and workers, from all over the world.
As a reminder, this fair trade is part of a broader sustainable development action, aimed to help maintaining the local social fabrics.
Therefore, Les Couleurs de Jeanne offers an original coloring and hair care selection, starring many ayurvedic plants, that Jeanne went to get back those essences from the heart of India. This is where, she has selected each vegetal species, which would especially make their exceptional qualities available to new formulas on the market. Among them, depending on the reference you choose, you would be able to find either indigo, henna and even turmeric, all of them have a strong coloring power. Thus, these fine powders, also composed of plants such as neem and rhubarb, quickly adhere to your hair and provide a unique coloration treatment, ideal for the coverage of your white hair, notably due to an intense and lasting effect.
Among the countless benefits from those plants, the neutral henna care (pictured nearby) is a real natural treatment, that brings shine and strength to hair, plus it also contributes to dilute the other colors. For the other ones, indigo leaves may fulfill your desire for dark shades, while garance roots stands out with their red and coppery undertones. Although some golden reflects are provided by the random rhubarb leaves, chamomile flowers and turmeric rhizomes, all resulting to strengthen your upcoming blonde ambition.
Alongside them, there are also care plants (with real exotic names) to count on, such as amla for a clearer texture, neem activates blood circulation and promotes hair regrowth, plus regulates dandruff states and sebum production, exactly like the brahmi and shikakai varieties, thanks to their cleansing and sanitizing properties to apply on decelerating oily and itching hair scalps. In the same way, harad as well contributes to offer a purifying action on your scalp

Completing your coloring application, you could find a homemade Pinceau d’Application expressly made to facilitate the different colorings, since it allows you to apply the coloring all over the scalp. The comb allows to separate the hair well for a best application. Adding to this, the 2 in 1 hairbrush is washable and infinitely reusable
Furthermore, in order to guarantee an optimal result of your plant coloring, Les Couleurs de Jeanne offers an alternative organic hair care ritual.
Firstly, in order to guarantee an optimal result, before any coloration, it is recommended to use the Masque Préparateur à l’Argile, it consists of a clay mask to be used before coloring. Then, in maintenance, you may finalize the session with the Shampooing Fixateur and the Baume 2 en 1, proper to fix and prolong the color. Last but not least, in case if you look for personalized advice or support, you’re invited to contact the Jeanne‘s experts, through the toll free number 00 33 (0)800 08 02 07. Otherwise, you may also find online tutorials.
More information on the official website and explore their selection on the online store.

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