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Have you ever felt the energy from paper? Diptyque proposes it to you with its new L’Eau Papier fragrance

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Following the initial inspiration coming from the global project from the creators of Diptyque, a new perfume was recently launched with the wish to express various senses through olfactory but also visual sensations.  
In fact, the three inspired creators of Diptyque who are Desmond Knox-Leet, Christiane Montadre-Gautrot and Yves Coueslant, were united with a common passion for beauty, arts and design. Those reunited domains melt all in one, in order to explore countless possibilities of scents and we are please to introduce you here the genesis of L’Eau Papier, illustrated by Alix Waline and sometimes by Bertrand de Miollis in some of the dedicated Paris workshops. By AL

..the new Eau Papier flask has deeply found its place.
In the mythical flagship store of the Boulevard Saint-Germain..

The result of this new olfactory birth from the legendary Diptyque house is called L’Eau Papier, embodied again in a black and white flask’s label, as many other house fragrances. Behind this mysterious French appellation hides a logical reference to paper material, at the origin of any creative venture, as an encounter between handy action of writing and olfactory action of feeling fragrances (photo credits: AL & Diptyque).

In a way, this newly born olfactory creation can be regarded as a true synesthetic experience, but also a certain tribute to imagination, thanks to the endless stories able to put in writing on paper, often related to random memories they can possibly arise.  


..this composition is the fruit of  Fabrice Pellegrin‘s imagination.  
Admire some of the illustrations from Bertrand de Miollis..

Therefore, this new perfume from Diptyque has been imagined with the perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin, with the support of the artist Alix Waline. By the way, L’Eau Papier also recalls the history of Diptyque, from its nature and its name, often turned to oriental tradition of diluted Chinese ink, gathered by water and paper. That’s why this alliance between those two elements may evoke the universe or some random workshop of an artist, displaying some similar scents of oil and varnish. 

For your information, Alix Watine is a French artist, who was trained at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, and at the École de la Cambre in Brussels
“Creating a perfume for Diptyque is like writing a book. A story, an introduction, an architecture, raw materials that echo to each other in order to create a story, are necessary. For L’Eau Papier, I started with a primary ingredient, which is cereal, and sesame in particular and its roasted seed extract. This is the surprising element of the fragrance, which I chose to evoke the new smell of ink and bring a refined indulgence. I sublimated it by working on musky notes, for more sensuality. I then added floral notes of mimosa, starring some powdery and delicate properties, in order to accompany the soft note represented by paper. The singularity of cereals and ink accord associated with the sweetness of white musks for the olfactory evokation of paper somehow defines this fragrance. Therefore, I tried to translate the delicate and sensitive contact of ink on the sheet with an overdose of musks” admits Fabrice Pellegrin.
..visible all around the papered label’s corners by Alix Waline?
Why don’t you get bewitched by the softness issued from ink grains.. 

For this Eau Papier graphic realization, she has composed a specific artwork, tainted with delicate black and white tones, while multiplying random shadows and textures on her label drawing. In fact and contrary to the traditional illustrations of other Diptyque perfumes, there is here no recognizable figure nor landscape on the label, but a simple black and white impressionist and abstract composition in the meantime. A good way to stimulate your imagination, as many emotions conveyed by those fine and expressive ink traits

Somehow recalling the initial pointillist spirit favored by the founders of Diptyque, which built its graphic identity, Alix Waline‘s drawing on the back reflects her vision of the fragrance and its salient characters. 
..and eventually to collect as a real artwork.
Two sides from the label to contemplate..

As far as we know, there is a multitude of small tight lines able to highlight the promised olfactory accord of steamed rice emanating from this perfume, among other musky and woody notes. The latter represents a real symbol of longevity and pays a tribute to the original nature from paper

Thus, this composition from the perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin revisits different facets from musk, since you could also appreciate white musk. This element is supported by the sweetness but discretion from mimosa and sesame seeds. Small touches of diluted ink to evoke the vibrant note of mimosa, added for an extra sweetness.
..and for more olfactory choices, let’s go in the Diptyque corners.
Hopefully the start of a new inspirational cycle..

In fact, this perfume would lead you for a sort of comforting and enveloping hug, enhanced by its soft accents of musk and other notes from its discreet mimosa and even blonde wood background. Perfect to endorse on a romantic summer night, in order to observe its evolution on your skin like some ink spread on a virgin sheet.

Therefore, L’Eau Papier is a genuine intimate fragrance that can be differently appreciated from one skin to another. Then, time after time, those white musks‘ emanations would naturally evolve and unfold the true personal expression of your skin
More information on their official website.

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