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Sublimate yourself with Swedish nature in the L:a Bruket cosmetics, available at Oh My Cream!

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L:a Bruket wishes to reach a certain harmony between natural beauty and sustainability, as can testify this solid soap..

When it comes to Swedish specialities, you can be sure that the choice is wide. In terms of natural beauty, L:a Bruket tends to stands as an premium brand. Thus, this cosmetics project proposes a wide range of natural and sustainable skincare.  Founded in 2008 by the ceramicist Monica Kylen, who used to produce handmade soap bars, and Mats Johansson, this basically named Lilla Bruket company notably aimed to pursue the thalassotherapy tradition of their hometown. Indeed, Varberg, located in the Swedish west coast, has been establishing since 200 years, as one of the most popular thermal destinations in Sweden. Based on this natural treasure, the L:a Bruket team opted for a specific commitment of authenticity, simplicity and of course the use of natural ingredients. By AL choosing eco-friendly skincare inspired by Swedish nature.
Take care of your skin while preserving the Planet‘s beauty..

After finding some inspiration into this region’s rich natural and organic ingredients, L:a Bruket highlights a certain purity, emanating from sea and surrounding nature, all incorporated into their complex formulations (photo credits: L:a Bruket).

For instance, the products’ contents are mostly made from natural ingredients, such as algae, herbs, essential oils and other plant extracts. Those are all carefully selected for their benefits relating to your skin and for sure some minimal impact on the environment


..and discover how elements could sublimate yourself.
By adopting L:a Bruket ,get ready to join a natural beauty movement..

Without forgetting that L:a Bruket also strives to minimize their carbon footprint by using environmentally friendly packaging and reducing manufacturing waste, as much as possible. This nature-friendly approach results in high-quality beauty products, able to preserve both the health of your skin and the Blue Planet, dedicated to meet everyone’s needs. Whether you are looking for a unique sensory and skincare function, either for your visage, body, hair or even scented candles, to create a soothing ambiance, you can be sure that La:Bruket has developed what you need. 

..your skin would find the proper care and logically say thank you.
Among those cosmetics, backed by years of research and development..

Therefore, you may count on the 083 Bar Soap, composed of sage, rosemary and lavender, along other types of soaps, manufactured not far from Monica’s original workshop. Those soaps are cold-pressed, all-natural, with coconut and even rapseed oil to hydrate your skin (240g / 25,50 euros). Unless you wish to adopt a concentrate of thalassotherapy, available inside the 196 Detoxseaweed Tonic. Then, this solution is a natural, stimulating and detox bath, formulated to revitalise and increase skin elasticity, thanks to extracts of laminaria digitata powder, seaweed extract, spirulina maxima, blended with mandarin and again rosemary essential oils (240ml / 45 euros).

..of highly concentrated ingredients, coming from biotechnology.
A serum may hide another and you are therefore invited to enjoy a unique synergy..

For a deeper protection of your epidermis, the 167 Broccoli Seed Serum is a potent natural and antioxidant serum that promises to hydrate and strengthen anyone skin’s resilience, while protecting against free radicals and calming any random inflammation. This miracle went possible due to the presence of aloe vera juice, broccoli seed, cucumberkakadu plum and even seaweed extracts, that would naturally provide you a real shield (50ml / 55 euros). Apart from this, the 279 Replenishing Serum would act as a true antioxidant shield, on your skin‘s natural regeneration process, mostly due to moss and green aqua algae extracts, that would firm, plump, prevent signs of aging and finally hydrate all skin types (30ml / 82 euros).

..which have mostly proven their worth in Sweden.
We propose you to build your routine with complementary products..

Adding to this, let’s not forget the 100 Face Oil that embodies a natural oil, full of extracts of carrot, tangerine and apricot kernel oils. This oil, to for evening time, would stimulate your collagen production and as well provide a deep hydration, with antioxidants to strengthen your skin (30ml / 42 euros). At last, don’t miss the 281 Protective Fluid that is a natural light cream, focusing on a deep hydration. Combined with sea lavender‘s essence, this powerful anti-oxidant asset seems to be a rare UV rays neutralizer. You could also bet on some hyaluronic acid to repair and protect from the first signs of aging and balance your skin imperfections, as an anti-pollution shield (60ml / 60 euros). 

More information on their official website and on the Oh My Cream platform.


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