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Immerse yourself Place Vendôme with the high jewellery of Lorenz Bäumer, along its collaborations with NBA, Guerlain and Baccarat!

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Internationally famous as independent jeweler from the legendary Place Vendôme in Paris, the French jeweler Lorenz Bäumer, has been creating high jewelry creations for 30 years. This keen art collector (read our previous article about his auction sale) tends to find inspiration at every moment, in order to create the most extraordinary and finest jewelry masterpieces to acquire. Along this rich path, his Bäumer Vendôme house has been collaborating with numerous luxury houses, such as Cartier, Baccarat, Hennessy, Guerlain and Chanel, for the conception of unique collector’s bilateral pieces. By AL

..located in the heart of his Place Vendôme‘s showroom.
Lorenz Bäumer at work, creating behind his desk..

After being graduated from the famous École Centrale of Paris, the designer Lorenz Bäumer discovered a passion for jewelry. That’s why he created his own line of costume jewelery from 1987. Pursuing his own way in this sparkling galaxy, he followed his intuition to reach his incursion into the selective high jewelry sphere in 1990. Therefore, Lorenz Bäumer collaborated during many years with Chanel jewelry, among many other prestigious players (photo credits: Lorenz Bäumer). 

Motivated by a revolutionary creative spirit, this artist is focused on following his own imagination, through a series of constantly renewed masterpieces based on the finest materials.
..while this beetle brooch combines technical perfection & mystery
This giant amethyst table stands in Bäumer Vendôme showroom..

That’s why, don’t be surprised to find gold and diamonds of course, but also other precious stones, with a privileged relation with amethyst… Although this master artisan also wishes to move some jewelry codes, notably by introducing certain avant-garde techniques, such as titanium or even meteorite extracts.

Nowadays, settled and particularly attached to the legendary heritage of Place Vendôme, surrounded by ancestral jewelry houses and the Ritz Palace, the visionary Lorenz Bäumer displays there a brand new breath and highlights his various skills. Therefore, his creations reflect a certain contemporary approach, nourished by his passions for nature, architecture and poetry
..and turning into a birthday gift for NBA, by Hennessy & Baccarat.
Crystal material needs years of formation to be perfectly mastered..

Apart from those personal creations, Lorenz Bäumer has been called many times to collaborate with other luxury houses, from various domains to create unique pieces… Thus, still on the behalf of Bäumer Vendôme, a personal touch, conveyed by the Bäumer Design entity, was left on a series of memorable jewels or decorative objects, to collect. Here are some examples of those exclusive designs

For instance, Lorenz Bäumer was much inspired to initiate a connection between the poetry of the rare Cognac cuvées of Paradis, developed by Hennessy and in another hand, the shapes of a basketball (photo credits: Hennessy).
..prior inviting you for an endless play on light around Cognac juices.
This basketball was delicately built by crystal and jewelry experts..

Therefore, in order to celebrate the NBA’s 75th anniversary of this illustrious American basketball league, the magician Lorenz Bäumer paid many efforts to unveil one of the most original and technically challenging Cognac carafes in honor of two acclaimed entities.

As you can see, Lorenz Bäumer offered his jeweller’s vision of spirits, with the realization of this to so-called masterful Paradis x NBA carafe. Embellished in a fine gold framework, this precious basketball pays a certain tribute to French crystal-making know-how, along an ode to team spirit in different ways. Indeed, hand-faceted with Baccarat facets, the curves of this jewel somehow amplify the copper reflections of the exceptional eau-de-vie, kept inside.
For more information about this Paradis X NBA collaboration by Bäumer Design, visit the official website

..embodied by the Lorenz Bäumer‘s imaginary & Baccarat‘s know-how.
From any detail of this black bee, you can admire a true excellence..

Apart from this, you could face different realizations operated for Guerlain… For instance, what else than L’Abeille Noire Prestige Edition, in 2010 by Lorenz Bäumer to start this selection? In fact, this incredible perfume flask, representing the iconic Guerlain‘s bee, was reinvented in the Place Vendôme.

As far as we know, this unusual fragrance has been magnified here, thanks to a special giant shape. Dressed here in a deep black crystal outfit, adorned with transparent wings, faceted like diamonds, of course handmade again assembled by the master glassmakers from the Baccarat house.


..and of course the barbichage fireworks as a sort of poney tail
A final touch represented by the olfactory filling by Guerlain..

Nonetheless, this emblematic insect of the Guerlain house, since its early days, was designed in a way that its inner scents may be anticipated, and even desired, from its sparkling appearance. For your information, Lorenz Bäumer revived this black bee, with the support of no less than 25 craftsmen altogether, linked at each stage of the creation with Bäumer Design, either from the Ateliers Baccarat, notably for this most delicate crystal step to achieve…

At last, the Ateliers Guerlain designed the last touch of this Abeille Noire, through a haute-couture dressing and the mandatory Guerlain‘s final ritual, known as the barbichage, accomplished with a deeply meticulous care.

..unless you prefer the original red taint for this Rouge G?
A true rainbow of lipstick possibilities for you to pick up..

If you wish to acquire another collaboration with Guerlain, but this time in an accessible fee. Why don’t you adopt a Rouge G lipstick? Created in 2009 by the artistic director of Guerlain, named Olivier Echaudemaison, again in close cooperation with Lorenz Bäumer, this best-selling Rouge G edition, promoted by Guerlain‘s make-up division, would bring you some luxury design with its iconic cases.

Thus, reflecting the vision of two passionate craftsmen, as each one expert in his own excellence field, you would be undoubtedly seduced by the marvelous reflects and colors from those customizable jewels, to carefully apply on your lips

..whatever you just select the lipstick or the customizable case to engrave.
Another panorama for the Guerlain‘s collaboration with Lorenz Bäumer..

Therefore, this contemporary incarnation of one of Guerlain‘s most acclaimed products is available in 7 natural sheer colors and 8 stylish jewel-inspired double mirrored cases.

Adding to this, don’t miss to create your own Rouge G de Guerlain, by selecting your ideal shade and the design of your capot case, as a souvenir of Lorenz Bäumer‘s imaginary, to bring anywhere and for any occasion, to keep an expressive smile.

“The world of fine jewelry is the same as the one of beauty, as Parisian luxury and endless colors” admits Olivier Echaudemaison, the creative director of Guerlain‘s of make-up division.

More details on the official website.

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