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A Modern Art Temple, the Galleria Continua in Les Moulins & Sainte-Marie

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LES MOULINS, A NEW ADVENTURE IN THE PARISIAN COUNTRYSIDE, the full version of the video reportage on Youtube. Basically, the Galleria Continua, was a contemporary art gallery in the heart of Tuscany. The Galleria Continua was created in San Gimignano (Tuscany) in 1990 by three friends: Mario Cristiani, Lorenzo Fiaschi and Maurizio Rigillo. Housed in a former movie theater in this beautiful little town full of history, the Galleria Continua has developed in this unexpected place far from the modernity of urban centers and this all around the world. Like in Habana, Cuba, also since 2005, in Beijing, China and as well since 2007, in the neighborhood of Paris, France.

The french site, located in Seine et Marne department, was inaugurated in October 21, 2007, the Galleria Continua inaugurated a new peculiar site for contemporary creation in the Parisian countryside. Guided by the rhythm of the seasons, Les Moulins hosts many times a year projects and exhibitions of monumental art works by artists from the 5 continents. Renovated, the site, a former paper factory of 10,000 m2 embraces its new artistic life with, during its first 3 years of activity, already 30,000 visitors from all over the world (photo credits: Alexandre Plateaux).

This French version of the Galleria Continua has some similarities with the Palais de Tokyo, in terms of Art selection and the configuration of the two sites, in this industrial framework. The huge green park, around them, makes the difference, allowing outdoor artworks and events like: DJing afternoons, picnic and other performances to spend a great experience! Spread between two sites, Sainte Marie and Les Moulins, separated from each other by a couple of km, those modern Art installations offer a variety of styles, among LED creations, machine breaking coal, incredible sculptures and paintings, etc (photo credits: Alexandre Plateaux).

Since 2008, the Galleria Continua launched a new kind of exhibition experience with Sphères, a collective show with different international galleries invited every year, which allows the visitor to see many famous artists. A new cultural wave sweeps over this region creating a strong new interest, energy and identity around Les Moulins. A curiosity and excitement is particularly engaged and perceived by the local inhabitants, as well as Parisians and the international Art scene. The site, as well as having commercial preoccupations, also focusing on the public and its desires.

SAINTE-MARIE… Galleria Continua has the desire of continuity between the eras. These two spectacular exhibition spaces of 1,500 m2, welcome today large solo exhibitions from artists from around the world, such as Kader Attia, Daniel Buren, Mona Hatoum, Anish Kapoor and Sislej Xhafa Straight from the entrance, this massive portrait of Silvio Berlusconi in the hangar (photo credits: Alexandre Plateaux). Also the Antarctica project of Lucy and Jorge Orta. After many years of experience around the world, notably in emerging countries, Galleria Continua gathers its European identity by reinforcing its action on the French territory.

Galleria Continua is a strong advocate for cultural projects, which they believe has the potential to create and stimulate a sustainable economy. In 2010, the Galleria Continua took on a new challenge by acquiring the ancient paper mill of Sainte-Marie, just one km from Le Moulin de Boissy… The paper mill of Sainte-Marie dates from the 18th Century and extends onto 15 hectares with 30,000 m2 of built up surfaces, divided into several entities representing various eras.

More information on the Galleria Continua website.


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