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Electric energy is getting more and more success in the eyes of the motorists.. They are clean and cost much less than oil, that’s why their choice is a deep subject of reflection for the consumers and the cars manufacturers.
The french players are developing, step by step, a range of full electric cars. They are dedicated to either leisure escapades, urban mobilities or commercial vehicles. In this following topic, you would get a glance of each of the models proposed on the market by Peugeot and Citroën. We tried each of those vehicles in different conditions, so that you would form your opinion about them, and maybe one day take the electric plunge… By Alex Plato

The first model of the list, developed by Citroën, is a reedition of a vintage car, very popular back in the 60s, the minimalist Mehari. It was very used as a beach car to carry your surf boards and take a sun bath with the wide open spaces. The 21st Century electric version, named e-Mehari follows this philosophy, while offering large windows and depending on the version, also convertible. However we tried a more urban edition, with a possibility of a detachable roof. This fashion oriented car is a limited series of only 61 copies, in partnership with the legendary Courrèges fashion brand, subsequently baptized styled by Courrèges.
This version is very similar in many points to the classic convertible new e-Mehari, thus you would find the same chassis structure.
Unless you be amazed by the notable difference in the interior design, including a rigid and removable roof, real sliding windows with magnetic pads and especially a white pristine TEP (synthetic leather) tack, so characteristic of the iconic style of the Courrèges brand, standing since the 60’s.  The logo properly fits on the dashboard and flanks of this recreational vehicle.
Indeed, with a capacity of 190km and an optional air conditioning, this premium model of the range combines style and comfort, and this through all weather conditions since the road stability is irreproachable, even with its fashion impressive.  In addition, the centralized closing by a light on the windshield reinforces the safety of this vehicle which would appear so playful in the eyes of some…
Only negative point, the Lithium Metal Polymer battery developed by the Bolloré Group, which has no fast charging and must be kept hot (charged), otherwise at the risk of energy unloading… In short, an ideal vehicle for the city or nature sides, like the beach, thanks to its large trunk volume (and its retractable opening) for the possible transport of surfboards, but we must be sure to find a charging station nearby, in order to avoid any failure.
In addition, you may admire the Bluetooth control of the on-board computer, via your mobile phone, for handsfree and external GPS functions, however the Parrot audio system lacks from optimal acoustic performance.

Still manufactured by Citroën, its model C0 and its compact size, also offers you to travel entirely in electric. A format particularly adapted to the city, thanks to its reduced dimensions (about 3.50 m long and 1.50 m large) allowing a flawless maneuverability in the narrow streets, so frequent in the metropolis.
This is reinforced by power steering, reduced turning radius and automatic ignition of the lights.
This 5-door electric vehicle is able to easily carry up to 4 passengers, offering a useful volume ranging from 166 up to 860 liters.
 If you prefer the Lion from the Peugeot brand, you would notice that this C0 is very similar to their Peugeot iOn.
A driving comfort assured on all types of roads, even for this city car, with nevertheless very large glazed surfaces, offering a deep panorama on the road.
The motor power of 49 kW is effective from the support on the accelerator, which gives it a great responsiveness.
With a maximum speed of 130 km/h and a consequent increase in speed (15.9s to go, from 0 km/h to 100 km/h), this vehicle allows beautiful escapades thanks to its certified NEDC autonomy of 150 km, a  fast charging of 80% of its battery potential, in only 30mn, through a quick charging station. Furthermore, icing on the cake, 1 year of ChargeMyPeugeot subscription offered, with the purchase of a new vehicle.
Inside, the vehicle is equipped with multiple types of specific devices in order to facilitate your silent electrical driving, such as a battery level indicator and an energy consumption indicator.  This device controls your speed and indeed helps the driver to control his driving behavior.  This energy may thus be saved, thanks to the maintenance in the Eco zone for example, in case if you wish to preserve the autonomy of the battery.
The Citroën C0 is offered in its basic version, with some equipments also included in the cockpit, illustrated by an onboard computer and charging socket, air conditioning, a central locking of doors, 2 retractable cup holders and power windows front and rear. Optionally, your C0 could be equipped with a navigation system integrated into the dashboard.
This device provides information on the nearest charging stations, traffic information and of course the most appropriate routes (with the less traffic jam), and even information on places of interest nearby (restaurants, bars).
The Citroën C0 is available through a leasing formula, from 89€/month (battery included), government green aid deducted or immediate purchase with premium recovery. More information in the PSA dealers network.

In case you would need more space in your vehicle, perhaps you would appreciate the use of the electric Citroën e-Berlingo, highly courted by professionals for its storage space, but also very useful in order to discover some nearby wonders of the countryside.
We tried its abilities on our way to Chantilly, thanks to its 170km capacity, while enjoying the driving comfort, still representative of electric models by their automatic transmission and their silence inside! In fact, the splendors of this emblematic city, dedicated to horses, is praised for its Polo Club and its prestigious Prix de Diane, and the former residence of the Count d’Aumale, now embodied by the Château.
It is true that the interlocking of the heating, inherent to the season, drastically reduces the electric remainder to charge, recharged automatically here and there during braking and deceleration phases.
However, the use of Chademo-type fast recharge feature puts electricity meters back to 80% in 30 minutes.
In the end, the cost of recharging the electric Berlingo is less than 2 € to cover 100 km and even less if recharging takes place during off-peak hours.  Not to mention the maintenance costs on average three times lower than an equivalent thermal model.
In addition, the lithium-ion batteries are guaranteed 8 years or 100,000 km by the manufacturer, and this from the date of registration of the car.
 In this case, once arrived on the Domaine de Chantilly, the time had come to relax with a coffee and recharge for the afternoon the battery of the vehicle in the parking of the Auberge du Jeu de Paume, immediate vicinity of the Castle.
 Very practical so you can then safely return to Paris while being able to enjoy the maximum and without worry about the battery level, options embellishing this electric model of Citroën.
 That is to say the energetic recoveries around 110 km / h, the loading of up to 4.3m3 for a payload of 695kg onboard, facilitating the transport of pallets and construction materials or even surfboards, exceeding the passenger compartment  thanks to the presence of two removable windows at the asymmetrical rear doors.
 In addition, the bluetooth and USB hands-free system of the on-board computer, also including a GPS makes driving to these bucolic landscapes of the Oise but if laid out very pleasant.
 Finally, note that in the case of installation of a charging station at your home, Citroën has entered into a partnership with the company Proxiserve which offers packages at negotiated prices.


Not far from Paris, the challenge was to join the Champagne and its two capitals Reims and Epernay, more than 150 kilometers from the capital, in all-electric vehicles cudgel.  The choice was focused on the Peugeot Partner, with an urban autonomy announced 170 kilometers, which born to conduct predominantly toroutière, is around 130 kilometers.
The fast start recharge was found via the ChargeMap app and offered gracefully thanks to the installed terminal by Nissan on the parking lot of the station from Bercy, allowing in 30 minutes to reach 80% of maximum capacity.
The vehicle has technology functional by the presence of a computer driver with an updated GPS, indicating speeds not to be exceeded according to the portions of roads, as well an approach radars, facilitating theconduct.
An intermediate step nevertheless proved less necessary in order to reach the final destination and thus be able to the roads of Champagne, bordering in the Marne.
It was possible a few hours rant, a charging on domestic tick could be allowed the time
to visit the cellars of a producer, harvesting and handling, from the village of Crouttes-sur-Marne, namely the Champagne Paul Leredde exploitation.
This one offering visits to the public as well as tasting, the whole duit from grape varieties from its own parcel stamped with HVE (High Environmental Value) label tale), thereby validating agri- especially respectful schools of the environment.
The commercial vehicle, by volume of his chest, allowed him to set a first full of bottles and then continue the journey on toroute towards Reims.
With a maximum speed observed around 110 km / h, thus avoiding speeding, driving is agreeable silent and in particular by the presence of an automatic transmission, characteristic of electric engines cudgels.  However, we must remain vigilant about the electricity consumption that can quickly fly with speed, presence of ascending slopes and the heating!
Once the city of Reims reached, force is to note the lack of infrastructure charging stations in the city ​​apart from a few car parks under concession and a handful of big surfaces including Ikea. Facing this desert electric, the welcome offered by the Taittinger Champagne House was salvating, both on his customer parking and in his cellars stuffed with history.  of the galleries, some pyra-shapedmidale to prevent landslides, spread over 3 levels, dating from 3rd to
 20th century passing through the 13th century and cut in chalk (also only can be found in France, Benelux and England).
Near the millennial city of Reims, former capital of the region Gaul-Belgium, more populated than Paris in the Gallo-Roman era and more due with its 650 hectares, the Hotel Dans the vineyards house the lovers of wise striated as far as the eye can see, in Chamery from the famous Montagne de Reims.
Completely new under standards BBC, equipped with solar panels heating about 3,000 liters of water, the establishment recharges the vehicles currently via a domestic plug tick under his covered parking.
By the way, the founder plans early 2018 to install charging stations quick walk to the site which also offers in the basement, visits from cellars of champagne house.
A night charge being sufficient to fully charge the batteries and take the road back to Epernay and its Meuse Avenue de Champagne, also called “the richest avenue of the World “as it brings together the most big houses and by its storage.
What are the main characteristics for you of the electric Partner model?
The Peugeot Partner Tepee Electric, with a offer price / volume / modularity unpublished on the market, can meet a customer wishing to combine the advantages of the electricity with their daily multiple activities.  This is a real VP offer and not a VP transformed into a VP and poses an unprecedented versatility: perfectly adapted, for example, to carpool to five to go to work and practice law-weekly sessions, even the most brants, with family or friends.
What are its assets?
The model makes it possible to combine the assets that make the success of Partner Tepee (modularity, practicality and volume) with the benefits and 100% electric driving pleasure.
Thermal comfort is provided by a heater 100% electric fog, allowing warm air immediately, unlike conventional heating water before heating the air of the passenger compartment.  We also offer the compatibility with charging stations fast “Chademo”.
What are the projects of evolution or change in your hybrid range. geable and electric?
Peugeot is a pioneering global brand in the field of electric mobility (in VP with 106 Electric in 1995, in VU with J5 in 1990) and also the only brand in world to market a global offer of sustainable mobility adapted to all uses: a scooter and electrically assisted bicycles and an electric scooter (Scoote-lec in 1996, e-Vivacity in 2011), in addition to particular electric vehicles (the iOn saloon since 2010) and utilities (four- Partner Electric gutter since 2013).
This electric mobility is therefore essential for the PSA Group which has made EV a priority strategic role and announced the launch a new generation of vehicles 100% Versatile and spacious electric motors based on the e-CMP platform from 2019.
Also for 2019, an offer of vehicles refillable gasoline hybrids is planned, offering up to 300ch and can be associated to a transmission 4×2 or 4×4 (on the same principle that the 3008 HYbrid4 Diesel).  This offer will be associated with the brand new box EAT8 8-speed tomatic and will offer up to 60kms (NEDC standard) in 100% electric mode cudgel.
What are the rates or the financing offers? What do you propose?
 Two possibilities are offered to customers:
 – A traditional purchase, with a price that de-fed up with 29.900 € for a Partner Tepee Elec-Active version out of options, to which you have to withdraw 6000 € bonus. His battery traction is guaranteed 8 years or 100,000 kms and its electric drivetrain is guaranteed 5 years or 50 000 km, the first of two terms reached.
 – A LLD 199 € TTC / month after a first rent of 2500 € TTC with ecological bonus from € 6,000, conversion bonus of € 4,000 as well as a small commercial offer GEOT of 1000 €.  This offer concerns a partner Tepee Electric Active for 60 months and 50.000kms and included the warranty, the maintenance, the wear parts and assistance.

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