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In many sides of the World, the darkness officially operates at some points of the day, due to shorter days or just some random substantial decrease of luminosity… For that reason, people need more brightness! The candles is a solution for those searching for natural light, and sometimes they may be provided with smart fragrances, always with a recommended first burning time of 2 hours to shape the wax… That’s the proposition of several French manufactures, with some of them focusing on organic raw material and sustainable candles, naturally made in France. A country where a part of the story of candle started… Indeed, in the 17th century, wax was the object of all the attentions, since it was carefully collected from the hive, before being bleached by the repeated action of water, during the cleaning phase. Finally, its final white color was acquired, once wax was dried in the open air, lightened by the natural action of the sun’s rays.

Therefore, we’re pleased to introduce you here Bona Fide introducing its avant-garde collection, before diving into Clæpsidra, and its premium porcelain jar, before an overview of classical brands Diptyque and Durance that display their own selection, also in their own stores. In an other hand, Melchior & Balthazar, two of the Magi, wish to share their souvenirs from their oriental trips, through a selection of fine and precious candles! Furthermore, we get into a wooden flavor, within the limited-edition cypress candle developed by the Carrière Frères, a brother structure to Trudon, the oldest wax-maker from France! Last but not least, let’s enjoy some avant-garde tea inspired State Of Mind candles, a concentrate of wax cubes to erect wherever you wish… By Alex Plato

First of all, don’t miss the first candle collection of Bona Fide. This new flame recently born from the warm impulse of the inventive spirit of Sarah Cami, who had the chance to travel a lot and to find a real inspiration through this way of life. With this new adventure, this epicurean lady developed a cosy, colorful and delicately scented universe, for all the aesthetes, cautious of their lifestyle
After a successful path in the luxury industry (and notably an experience of 10 years in Hong-Kong), where she notably learned the codes of this domain, she decided to start her own project. Therefore, she decided to exploit the power of scents, through a selection of olfactory candles able to decorate your interior.  
Baptized Bona Fide as a real pledge of authenticity for these multiple artistic collaborations which tend to showcase the know-how of some skilled artists. Indeed, the Bona Fide concept was made to generate encounters between a design made in Montmartre and the manufacture of the fragrances used in the candles, in Grasse. Internationally renown as the capital of perfumery since the 17th century, this floral city remains nowadays a reference in the creation of premium and natural essences
And in this case, these perfumes were imagined by Nathalie Feisthauer, a famous master perfumer who was behind the birth of a couple of best-sellers. Thus, she granted the privilege to develop a set of exclusive perfumes, only for Bona Fide, while respecting traditions. For your information, each fragrance wears a distinct wax color, creating some kind of a wonderful scented rainbow.
Adding to this, Sarah Cami wished to consider her candles as genuine decorative objects. That’s why she paid many efforts to associate with an acclaimed family of wax makers located since 200 years around Paris and an ancestral Limoges porcelain factory. Therefore, Artoria was created in 1854, but eventually acquired a certain notoriety in the 1920s, pioneering the first hand decorations on raw Limoges porcelain enamel. This timeless know-how lately lead to the obtention of the prestigious Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label. This important recognition has been offering many opportunities to Artoria, as benchmarks and collaborations for a lot of luxury houses, museums and designers. 
As far as we know, this community cohesion achieved to translate the personal desire of the founder, in order to share her memories from faraway and muchly inspired by the style initiated by popular artists, such as Miro, Calder, Rodin, Yves Klein or even Dali (photo credits: Bona Fide).
The result is a sparkling collection of two main types of candles. At first sight, Les Parfaites series is the quintessence of refinement and design, since these elegant lacquered candles are molded like wax cakes and hold a perfect spherical shape, ready to amaze your guests.
Named after some best friends of Sarah Cami, each of these avant-garde candles are cautiously handmade. Furthermore, after being immersed in color and lacquered bathes, these oddities needed a rest of 6 days, so that they could fit their hypnotic robes full of countless reflects, and get ready to enlight your wake for a hundred of hours (for a weight of 1kg5).
Otherwise, if you’re more into perfuming your home with precious elixirs, why don’t you opt for one of the 8 editions of the scented candles called Les Parfumées?
Decorated by a series depicting six types of eyes expressions and two mouths, each drawing representing a specific woman’s character trait, illustrated by Armelle Tissier. Of course, each one conveys a different fragrance, conceived with the support of the talented nose Nathalie Feisthauer (pictured upon), you would be surely seduced by selecting one of these bewitching perfumes, related to your personality. 
On top of that, these masterpieces magnify the beauty of the Artoria quality, allowing each ceramic pot to be reusable and potentially becoming a container again, thanks to the various available candle refills to order online. Last but not least, this timeless tableware object can last about 60 hours (for a weight of 200g).
More information on the official website.

First of all, don’t miss the first candle collection, simply baptized L’Heure Parfumée, imagined by the newly premium French brand, Clæpsidra, founded by an epicurean couple Béatrice and Patrice Bouëxel. A common desire aimed to reach aesthetics and quality goals, due to certain lifestyle codes as well as a sustainable commitment, through a social and eco-responsible approach. For instance, they decided to use the services of a solidary workshop ESAT, for the majority of their finishing touches  (photo credits: Sonia Souk for Claepsidra Paris).

From raw materials to packaging, the entire Claepsidra manufacturing process tends to last as long as possible, while remaining far away from the common culture of the ephemeral.

Indeed, this brand name finds its origins in the clepsydra, like the water clock used in antiquity. For instance, it evokes the expression of time which flows and the fleetingness of everything, floating through the times.

In order to fulfill this longevity, each Clæpsidra candle is handmade in France, with exclusive local crafts from the French manufacturer Haviland, located in Limoges. Implanted in this international capital of porcelain (cf past article), this famous factory naturally realized a candle jar made of this translucent Limoges porcelain bisque, a real collector imagined with great finesse!  You may also keep this precious element forever thanks to the refill sets for scented candles, soon available. With its elegant fragrance and the soft reflections of its warm light, pose the setting for a unique moment of life. Inspired by the memory of one of their trips to an inspirational place called Antelope Canyon, located in Arizona (USA), the motif of the porcelain case evokes the passage of water imprinted on the rock, like the ripple of multiple lifelines delicately placed. Consequently, the Haviland manufacture, one of the most prestigious French luxury tableware houses, realized a true exploit, within this original creation, resulting to an elegant, poetic and unique perfumed candle, thanks to an authentic certificate of origin. Therefore, you would eventually find on the mold in the form of a plaster block, where is engraved the exact pattern, imagined by the Clæpsidra founders, also designed and highlighted by the Studio Marianne Guély.

At the heart of creation, this haute couture candle designed by the Studio Marianne Guély, focused on a visible (8cm height and diameter) and lightweight element (270g) to place it anywhere in your living space, for an approximative burning capacity between 70 and 80 hours. For a recommended price of 150 euros.

This Studio paid much effort to develop an innovative decorative item, starring a choice of noble materials such as the translucent and immaculate white porcelain bisque, adorned with this inventive bas-relief motif, chiseled like a delicate paper art… “This soft and subtle material lets the light crossing through the graphic grooves, like a fluid and harmonious movement around the cylinder, while the candle gently burns out…” says Marianne Guély, the creative artist and founder of this Studio, which also wished to highlight the inspirations and values of Clæpsidra with a eco-design packaging. This possibly reusable box notably includes a 100% recycled FSC tinted and solvent-free cardboard, protected in a 100% organic cotton pouch bag.

Moreover, the perfumes and hand-poured waxes are guaranteed by the home master chandler (strong of a 30years experience) and the IFRA (International Fragrance Association), without bisphenol, phthalates, nor carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic substances (also called CMR).

The result? 7 different fragrances (like the 7 Sins?), all stamped with a greek letter, maybe in reference to the antique and sculptural aspect of those candles? In fact, you would amazed to discover a bucket of very inspired scented associations inside them! The founder Béatrice Bouëxel admits that “those fragrances were elaborated to take her back to personal particular moments: a childhood memory, a specific moment, an emotion, an atmosphere…”

Indeed, those perfumes were conceived by a High-Perfumery enthusiast (a topic we already covered here), Delphine Thierry, owner of Inspiration Libre, a perfume creation workshop, located in Grasse, the French cradle of perfumery!

She framed the design of singular but very pleasant fragrances… From an oriental inspiration with the Iota candle (orchid, oudh and santal wood flavors), passing through the exotic mood of the Gamma candle (ginger and teakwood), or even the gourmet side included in the Alpha candle (almond, tonka bean and white musk), the sweet forestry Ksi candle (freesia, mahogany and bergamot), you would surely find your happiness in this flavorful alphabet. On top of that, the organic cotton made candle wick would take care of your brand newly refreshed indoor air!

Recently, Clæpsidra launched a tall luxury blown glass bell, adorned with a 24 carat golden knob, composed of gold chips and inside this bell, a suspended handmade porcelain flame, gilded with gold foil. Unsurprisingly handcrafted by an artisan glassblower, this decorative glass dome would perfectly suit to your candles, with a golden touch (with 17,5cm height and 13cm diameter).

Find out more information, follow the new chapters of this illuminated adventure, in the official website!

Born in 1961 from the encounter between a painter, a decorator and an architect who gathered their rich inspiration to create the first Diptyque boutique, in a vintage counter full of wood. Originally settled at 34, bd Saint-Germain in the heart of the Latin Quarter of Paris, you could explore in this Flagship Store the original spirit that lead this house to converge into this world of a thousand scents. A cosy cocoon, which was initially dedicated to a selection of wallpapers, textiles and even some English scented waters. However, it took no less than 2 years to develop this kind of chic bazaar, also garnished of many other curiosity objects, into a first range of scented candles, issued from 1963.
From these innovative aromas of cinnamon, tea and hawthorn, then arose an intense variety of other flavors, starring such a huge palette of fragrances, from spicy ones, passing by floral, until fruity references. All these natural assets slowly but surely building the brand identity, notably around their calligraphed white oval label and lying on a white background. A project that was lately enriched by alternative categories of home fragrances, along a long list of body and face care products.
Regarding their wide choice of scented candles, including nearly 50 original and premium odors, available in different formats. Indeed, whether you opt for the smallest candle of 70g, with a burning capacity of 20 hours, the classic size of 190g and its 60 hours longevity, or the more generous weight of 300g to expect 75 hours of perfume spreading, the Diptyque atmosphere is easily identifiable. 
A spirit well understood and duplicated by the official wax maker, based in Carnoux-en-Provence, close to Marseille. Baptized the Manufacture Française de Bougies, this manufacture employs many alchemists able to develop in 4 months a genuine scented candle at the image of its perfumer. This collaboration with Diptyque is the wedding of two distinct visions of a certain French know-how (photo credits: Diptyque).
They both tend to reach a perfect balance between this ensemble of fragrance, melt into a wax formula and its suitable wick, while keeping an eye on the benefits of the latest technology for the production of these scented jewels. Therefore, it takes about two days and no less than eight operations (mostly handmade) to make them. 
Concerning the large sizes, you may choose between a giant wax jar of 600g promising 90 hours of pleasure. Otherwise, Diptyque focused on a larger scope of 1,5kg for 120 burning hours, to discover among 5 possible mythical fragrances from this legendary house, such as: amber, wood fire, fig tree, berries and tuberose flower
Furthermore, this five-wick scented candle is contained in an authentic ceramic (terracotta) pot, entirely handcrafted by the legendary porcelain manufacture of Virebent, located in Puy-l’Evêque, a charming village of the South-West of France.   
As one of the last French handicraft manufactures, the real notion of craftsmanship still occurs between the walls of this factory, which also manufactures different types of artworks, for many designers, since 1924.
Inside this process, each piece is unique and handmade by their skilled artisans and each pot is covered by a coat of enamel, before being sprayed by painting or even the wood fire edition, covered by gold leaves
Find out more information about their wide collection on the official website and also discover a unique selection of tableware and vintage pieces, among a huge choice of decorative pieces visible at the two Parisian stores of the Diptyque Bazar, 16 rue Saint Roch, Paris (France) and 56 rue de Passy, Paris (France).

Originally baptized Lavandin de Grignan, the Durance firm is a French company located in Grignan (also famous for its Castle of Madame de Sévigné, read our previous article here), was founded in 1986 by a farming couple, in the heart of the so-called Drôme Provençale. Since the early days of this olfactory adventure, this artisanal factory quickly turned into an innovative manufacture of interior fragrances, scented candles and other cosmetic products (photo credits: Durance).

The success was so important that this upcoming untitled Comptoirs de Durance still cultivates a couple of partnerships with farmers and artisans, who keep on traditionally cultivating their own fields of roses, lavender and poppies.

Nonetheless, their own artisanal candle production is based on an exclusive fragrance in collaboration with renown perfumers, notably located in the perfumery main city of Grasse. Indeed, these olfactory experts offered their know-how to develop these unique creations, composed of a range of more than forty fine different versions. For many of these wax jewels, they are full of memories, drowned into natural and olfactory experiences to share.

For your information, this selection has been imagined by wax masters in a unique method, registered in France, in order to obtain the best quality of burning and diffusion of the perfume. Tested and approved for each candle, this mixture ensures a homogeneous combustion, as well as an efficient diffusion performance of the fragrance, in most of your favorite rooms.

Furthermore, a tailor-made wick has been experienced for each candle, after having tested more than ten cotton wicks. Thus, between different braiding and diameters, the team had to find the right match with the fragrance. That’s why, each perfume holds its own wick, for a perfect burning quality, before being entirely manufactured in these workshops of Grignan, nested in the middle of truffle oaks and lavender fields, enhancing this real Provence postcard panorama. An importance is particularly given to the sourcing of local varieties, almost extracted on the principles of organic farming, such as the Sabine Couvent‘s exploitation, passionately cultivating this favorful rose from Durance

Indeed, from the production of the mixture until the settling of the wick, the presence of the skilled hands is essential in this process and these Durance candles are then decorated by other inspired hands, able to precisely center the candle‘s trim as well as its label. Not to forget, as a final touch, the placement of a raffia ribbon and a bow, as a unique trademark for each Durance candle that we invite you to explore.

More information in the online store, or in the nearest store to your place.

Created by two brothers passionate about travel, Melchior & Balthazar is a brand of cosmetics and home products, 100% natural and made in France. Each product is the fruit of a discovery of a unique terroir and know-how. Since 2012, Melchior & Balthazar has shared ancestral rituals in treatments enriched with exceptional natural active ingredients, you may have a look on our article here (photo credits: Melchior & Balthazar).

The Melchior & Balthazar candles are a a real invitation to travel through myths and legends. The French brand has imagined two collections inspired by Middle-Eastern and Asian moods, which would transport you to distant lands, but with a clean carbon balance!

Indeed, their candles are created from soy and rapeseed waxes, they are composed of vegan exotic scented fragrances, also CRM-free (non-Carcinogenic, non-mutagenic and non-reprotoxic). Thus, those natural waxes hold several personalities, spicy, woody or floral notes may arouse anyone’s emotions, emanating from each olfactory discovery. By this way, those items create a certain soothing atmosphere, a suspended moment that should surely provide real awakening of your senses.

These candles are presented in glass containers with a specific graphic decoration, two patterns cut out from a golden metal, which create pretty Chinese Shadows.

As elegant as they keep respectful of your health, those candles are waxed by hand, according to a certain ancestral know-how, in the Melchior & Balthazar workshops, based in Normandy.
Each of them is the fruit of a traditional manufacturing with an untreated cotton wick, completed with the ecological soy wax, emit no harmful components and consequently, keep your indoor air clear and safe!

That’s why, we may consider that those Melchior & Balthazar scented candles are a real invitation to travel through myths and legends from all over the world. A trip made possible with two alternatives, the first one through the 130g format candle, able to offer nearly 30 hours of burning (€ 39), and the other one, in a 290g jar would take you away for 60 hours of burning (€ 69).

Your first step could start with the Orient Collection, follow the incense and oudh emanations of an oriental medina and let you swept away from your daily concerns, while enjoying this relaxing time.

Babylone candle (Babylon):  
The Babylone candle invites you to push the doors of any random legendary city’s palace to discover its wooded interior and its garden filled with pines, exotic and palm trees. The comforting and inspiring atmosphere of the Porte des Dieux is reinterpreted in a delicious way, thanks to a balanced blend of oudh and oriental woods scents.

Woody and aromatic top notes: Bergamot, Cardamom, Pine, Raspberry
Woody, oriental heart notes: Texas cedar wood, Island saffron, Wood guaiac, Sandalwood
Woody, amber base notes: Oudh from Thailand, Vetiver from Haiti, Hay, Amber, Vanilla from Madagascar

Encens Charnel candle (Charnel Incense): 
An offering to the gods, incense is one of the three treasures brought by the Three Magi. The Encens Charnel candle immerses us in a sacred atmosphere defying forbidden pleasures. Its amber, warm and sensual scent is terribly addictive.

Citrus and spicy top notes: Amber, Bergamot, Orange, Mandarin, Rum, Black Pepper
Floral and opulent heart notes: Amber, Rose, Jasmine, Geranium
Mysterious and sensual amber base notes: Amber, Benzoin, Opoponax, Incense, Vanilla, Caramel, Cistus, Ganac Wood, Blond Wood, Patchouli, White Musks

Byzance candle (Byzantium): 
We set off to explore the lands of the forgotten city of Byzantium, as mystical as it is prestigious. From this scented candle escapes a delicate smoke with a delicious scent combining vanilla and fresh tobacco leaves, like a genie in the candle!

Aromatic and spicy top notes: Fresh tobacco leaves, Mixed spices
Woody and vanilla heart notes: Tonka bean, Spring flower, Vanilla, Cocoa
Woody and amber base notes: Dried fruits, Musk, Woody notes

Some thousand miles away, calm your flat down, with the Collection du Soleil Levant (Rising Sun). Those candles are full of symbolic reminiscences, straight from Japan with its Zen contents or maybe you would prefer the soothing properties of the white tea from Yunnan, in China. Such a Cornelian choice!

Cerisier de Kyoto candle (Kyoto Cherry): 
Getaway to Japan, a country as beautiful as shiny. It is in spring that Kyoto reveals the sweetness of cherry blossoms. This candle takes us on a journey to the land of sakuras, thanks to its fruity and floral scent. 

Fruity and citrus top notes: Plum, Cherry, Mandarin, Lemon, Peach, Green Notes
Floral and fruity heart notes: Lavender, Violet, Jasmine, Raspberry, Rose, Exotic fruits
Musky and delicious base notes: White musk, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Biscuit

Thé Blanc du Yunnan Candle (Yunnan white tea): 
The Thé Blanc du Yunnan candle takes you directly to China, in the heart of the tea fields. The sweet scent of fresh herbs and tea leaves from the scented wax provides instant peace and well-being. Once arrived in Yunnan, there is a real relaxing atmosphere, ready to be spread in your place! 

Fresh and vegetal top notes: Sage, Fresh herbs, Botanical notes
Floral and spicy heart notes: White tea, Sweet spices
Woody and amber base notes: Vanilla, Crystal musk, Ylang Ylang

More information in the online store, or in the partner stores.

This time, we meet a brand new candle, straight from a random coniferous forrest and still created by a French classic brand… Thus, Carrière Frères is a natural continuation of La Manufacture Royale de Cire nowadays known as Trudon. In 1884, the Carrière Frères became involved in these old skills with the idea of ​​modernizing them. Attached to the traditions of wax masters, from the 17th and 18th centuries, the factory revived this heritage, while keeping curious and entrepreneurial. Then was born the sister firm Carrière Frères, which stands out for its ability to innovate (photo credits: Carrière Frères).

The illustrious Industrial Revolution was underway and the modernization favored electricity and yet, the two brothers managed to keep the use of candles going on. Through a creative and ingenious approach, the brotherhood converted a rather religious and functional use to envision it also as a fine decorative object.

Cherry on the cake, since 2020, Carrière Frères became a member of the very selective circle of the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label (issued by the French government), joining a bunch of other prestigious houses, such as Chaumet, Hermès, the Cristallerie de Saint Louis and the Hôtel La Bouitte in Saint-Martin de Belleville (read the article here).

Indeed, all these structures are recognized for the excellence of their French industrial or artisanal know-how, generally associated with a region.

As early as 1889, their vision was rewarded with a Gold Medal proudly bestowed at the Paris Universal Exhibition (see video extract nearby). Made in the Trudon factory, Carrière Frères candles have always tended to stay at the crossroads between an age-old skilled know-how, emanating from certain traditional manners and more contemporary bias, on another hand.

A recent episode has been inspired by a majestic and strong-charactered tree, whose scent was honestly transposed in a limited-edition candle. Indeed, the woody, fresh and camphorated concentrate of those cypress trees, famous for their long and lean silhouettes (possibly reaching 40 meters in height), an ideal item for creating a warming atmosphere in any situation.

This majestic edition joins the wide Carrière Frères family in a festive dark green colored and lacquered glass holder, presented in a beautiful cypress-green and golden box. 

For your information, with its evergreen foliage and incense scent, the Cypress tree has ever been a symbol of eternal life, since Antiquity. This vegetal species mostly grows in warm Northern temperate regions, but this is also an epitome of Mediterranean landscapes. Indeed, the cypress defines the Tuscan landscape. For instance, its precious wood was notably historically used to manufacture Italian harpsichords. The result in those candles? A fresh aroma wafting from the branches and needles, accessible in any real Cypress tree.

Available in 185g format on the official website, for a recommended price of 46 euros (for a burning time expectation between about 45 and 50 hours).

Furthermore, you may pursue your forest walk within a singular moment to surround yourself through other natural soft fragrances, gradually going to sleep for winter. Why not prolonging this unique experience with the huge choice of the selection of Carrière Frères woody and fresh scented candles?  

We could take as an example, a noble wood, rich with enticing hues, the sugary Ebony notes may intermingle with the ample Amber scent, for a rare moment of pure sweetness.

Otherwise, carried on soft and warm winds, let yourself bewitched by the fresh and floral notes of some Orange Blossom fragrance, embalming your family house.

An other gourmet perfume embodied by the Black Tea version, already created in the 17th century, some fine goods matured during a long trip between China and London. Hence, Carrière Frères has distilled these woody aromas in an intense candle, a good suggestion to wake up your tea time sessions.

Unless, you would dare to feel some incredible and realistic aromas of the herbaceous plant family’s, such as Ginger, a hot and spicy fragrance; answering the sweet and sensorial power of Thyme or even getting tempted by the stimulating aromatic scent of Rosemary


An initiatory walk through fine natural waxes, carrying you into plenty of complex and enticing scents, all complementary according to your preferences. Rediscover some of those Carrière Frères candles fragrances, in many other home declinations, like diffusers, room sprays and the last botanical palets.

More information on the official website.

Made in the same factory as these previous candles from Carrière Frères, Cire Trudon (thus also EPV labelled) was born in 1643, on the threshold of the reign of Louis XIV, and thus is the oldest working wax-maker in the world to count. During the 17th century, this Manufacture Royale de Cire became the official supplier to the Court of France and even Napoleon Ist (portrayed here in a bust candle). Established in its workshops of Mortagne-au-Perche since 1901, nestled in the lovely Normandy, each of their candles are poured and shaped by hand (photo credits: Trudon).

This ancestral method of production perpetuates a certain luxurious ambition, once enhanced by the founder Claude Trudon and contributes to the quality of the notoriety of Cire Trudon. Even on those days, you can’t miss the many imprints of past on their different lines. Indeed, nowadays the very symbolic Cire candle brings to life the centuries-old stones back from the Courboyer Manor and releases its elegant notes of beeswax. This historical jewel, located in the Perche Nature Park, a preserved area hosting the Orne Dark Bee Conservatory, which Maison Trudon has been supporting since 2019, by notably producing some quality honey.

Anchored in this territory, the participation of Maison Trudon in this commitment to protect endangered species is meaningful since 2018. Indeed at that time, a first action was decided for the conservation Percheron biodiversity. Thereafter, in partnership with the Conservatoire de l’Abeille Noire de l’Orne, the House of Trudon went further in order to save an endemic European black bee (Apis mellifera mellifera). As Guerlain also does it for this same survival element (read this related article), much threatened by intensive agriculture and industrial beekeeping, this essential biodiversity connector needs a huge support.

Housed in the magnificent Manoir de Courboyer, emblematic of the 15th century Percheron heritage, and a rare regional monument, the Maison du Parc accommodates the heart of the conservatory with a central apiary of twelve beehives. This structure aims to preserve a certain natural priceless patrimony.

As well as an important player in this natural park, the Conservatoire de l’Abeille Noire de l’Orne tends to maintain the genetic diversity of endemic bee populations in their territory.

This was made possible, while providing them the best living conditions, as closest as possible to their original natural conditions. This commitment aims to ensure the presence of this black bee, an essential pollinator, but yet in sharp decline. On top of that, Maison Trudon collects 4% of the sales of the Cire candle, donated to this bee project.

Furthermore, the Trudon‘s coat of arms is inspired by a bas-relief, visible on the site of the former Manufacture Royale de Cire, once owned by the Trudon family, situated in Antony and is now owned by the Church. Thus, this place became home to the congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Cluny. On the other hand, the beehive symbol pays tribute to the bees who have contributed to the notoriety of Maison Trudon.

That’s why, since 1643, their motto had naturally been untitled “deo regique laborant” meaning: “The bees work for God and for the king”.

Although, developed in partnership with renowned perfumers, the own fragrances of Cire Trudon are the subject of a special and rare development. From the choice of raw materials, passing by several waxing tests in the laboratory, many stages mark the birth of a perfume. This is why, apart from different sizes of candles, it is not uncommon to find a whole range of products focused around a particular scent, including sprays and other perfume diffusers

For your information, their wicks are made in cotton, starring different types of braidings and of diameters. Therefore, properly maintained, a Trudon candle does not smoke and leaves almost no deposit on the glass, once consumed. Furthermore, they hold an original champagne bucket shape and are handcrafted in Tuscany

Thus, in this wide range, we can start with La Petite Bougie, as an ultimate travel object. Thanks to a lightweight and ergonomic, this candle is pretty easy to travel with, due to its 6 elegant fragrances (Abd El Kader, Cyrnos, Ernesto, Gabriel, Joséphine and Odalisque), as warm and olfactory travel companions everywhere.

Indeed, among these scented atmospheres proposed above, Abd El Kader spreads an oriental spirit, diffused by a bouquet of fresh cut mint and exotic spices, gently warmed by the Mediterranean vegetation and embodying a wind of freedom coming from the coast of Mascara. Along this flow, feel the peppery breath of ginger and the scent of tea and tobacco, arising from mountains of the Ouled Naïl tribes…

Otherwise, farthest north, Reggio instills its fine citrus notes from Calabria, into Klein blued candles. Like a spray from the waves of the Strait of Messina and the sweet daring of Mandarin trees.

Recently, Trudon just unveiled a new series in luminescent white, baptized Les Albâtres. This delicate collection, made of alabaster, replaces their traditional glass and adorns your scented candle with some kind of tone-on-tone covering facets.

Carved in Spain from a single block, the alabaster containers and their matching lids are much special, in a way that the veins of alabaster run across the surface. Indeed, these fine tiny mysterious fibers are spread around the golden metallic coat of arms, recalling the history of the manufacture.

Recommended price: 160 euros (270g).

More information on the official website.

Still operating on the retro mood, as we already reviewed their wide perfume range (cf article here), initiated for almost 200 years, D’Orsay also proposes a selection of various fine interior fragrances.

Still carefully designed with the same standards as those for the body, each of these items were imagined as a meeting proposal with their own schedule and meeting place (photo credits: D’Orsay).


The Tokyo store waits for your venue..

Made by a Master Glassmaker, rich of centuries-old know-how, the gadroon jars, notably for the 250g candle, are pressed by hand. Therefore, the brass base is machined from a solid piece before being polished. Even though, hot-stamped with a  golden complement, the candle is signed with a monogram, a modern nod to the history of the House. On top of that, the 80 and 190 gram versions are designed in smooth glass, also screen-printed with the monogram.

Last but least, these D’Orsay candles are finalized in France, in a workshop of wax-masters, proud to display their unique and secular know-how, developed for four generations. The result is nearly homemade candles developed in the respect of ancestral and manual techniques, by these skilled craftsmen. All in brown lacquered jars, adorned with the Maison‘s monogram, you would be undoubtedly glad to discover these 11 fragrances imagined by the new team of D’Orsay in a different shape.

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Related to our article about the pioneering gourmet notion, highlighting the synesthesia experience between tea and fragrances, this time we have a look on the original scented candles, elaborated by State Of Mind. This project succeeded to made the founder Catherine Laskine-Balandina‘s childhood dreams come true, through this new vision of artistic perfumery. As you would observe, her personal Art Deco themed concept offers a whole new experience where the choice of your perfume emanates from your choice of tea, since here they are together linked. As the perfume universe is not only considered a symbol of pleasure, but also reveals anyone’s state of mind, her State Of Mind colorful and olfactory adventure explores, this time through her wide collection, further fascinating fragrant aspects (photo credits: State Of Mind).

Therefore, you would be amazed by the powerful combined potential of tea and fragrances both able to cause emotions that influence your thoughts, while keeping up to encourage your inner introspection and thus awakens your essential senses. That’s why we invite you to stimulate your perceptions (where taste is intimately linked to smell), within those scented candles, which would sure make you more radiant, provide you good energy or calm you down. Regarding the State Of Mind selection, you would have a choice among 11 distinct universes, including tea to drink, perfumes to wear, home fragrances to spread and those wax squared scented candles to disseminate.

By the State Of Mind founder, Catherine Laskine-Balandina
“It was by listening to the tales invented by my dear grandmother and the storytelling of her travels, that I got to know China: the Seven Dragons Wall, the Great Wall, its gardens, its many ancestral arts represented through calligraphy, acupuncture, likewise a gracious lotus flower arising from a porcelain cup of tea, its related fragrances and naturally the multiple colors framing the local tea shops. I felt like I was living in this magic. I tasted everything by proxy. ”

For instance, these State of Mind scented candles are handmade in France. They would undoubtedly surprise you with their original shape, composed of wax squares and with the intensity of their fragrance. Their candles are proposed in a way of refilling forms, so that you may employ them, in order to create your own candled creation, in a vase of your choice.

Hereby, by way of example, as we propose you the Natural Elegance candle, aimed to reveal your inner elegance, thanks to a special harmony found within the notes of green tea from Yunnan, osmantus and some juicy apricots. This ensemble is underlined by a floral hint of patchouli and ambroxan. These aromas reflect the mixed marriage between tea and fragrance in a scented candle, like a tea ceremony toshare since its first burning. Thus, its salty, bitter but sweet sensations would eventually complete your art of tea, with alternative olfactory characteristics and then surely reach a brand new spiritual state of mind. A modular path to access to a groundbreaking concept to light up your ideas!

The State Of Mind team even left you some instructions for an optimal use of those cubed candles :

  • Take out the sachet containing the perfumed wax cubes from the metal box.
  • Place the wick in the middle of the recipient of your choice and pour the wax cubes around the wick.
  • Pack this wax surface around the wick and light the wick to start this candled tea ceremony, to enjoy the fragrance and the moment…
  • The State Of Mind candles burn like classic candles. If you wish to extinguish it and keep its odor, it is preferable to replace its cover. Therefore, you would appreciate the fact that this scented candle may be burned in a crystal, glass, earthenware or even in a metal container, in which it would take the form. One additional tip, opt for a transparent container, where your candle may look particularly resplendent through the panels. Otherwise, a larger candle can in the same vein, be made using several wax refills and wicks

Plus, it’s worth to remind burning this candle, only inside fireproof recipients and before use, avoid exposure to any heat and sun, in order to preserve the wax integrity and then expect a burning time of approximately 70h.

Available in 200g sachet format on the official website, for a recommended price of 80 euros.




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